Pieminister Gluten Free Pies


Having lived in Bristol for over 10 years now, one of the best things it has produced is definitely its Pieminister pies! I always loved having a Heidi pie (goats cheese, spinach and sweet potato) but after being diagnosed as a coeliac four years ago, these became a thing of the past.

That was until Pieminister recently introduced their gluten free pies!¬†Only three of their pies are gluten free at present, but one of them just so happens to be the Heidi pie! Wahoo! ūüôā

Pieminister kindly offered me the chance to try their gluten free pies Рthere was no way I could say no to that!

Before I get on to the review, here’s a little bit more about their gluten free pies, taken from their website:

We‚Äôve spent the best part of a year¬†rolling, mixing, tasting and baking to create Gluten Free¬†Moo and Heidi pies. ¬†And proof that they taste just as great as their non-GF counterparts, they both¬†triumphed in the 2016 British Pie Awards.¬†Taking first place in the Free From Class, the Gluten Free Heidi was crowned Class Champion, making it officially the best gluten free pie in the UK. The Gluten Free Moo was placed in the top three ‚ÄėFree From‚Äô pies in Britain, winning a Gold Medal and the ‚ÄėHighly Commended‚Äô title. Continue reading


The Pastry Room


Unfortunately this is another long overdue review due to numerous time constraints, but I wanted to let you know about my experience of a product from a company called The Pastry Room.

The Pastry Room produce their own frozen gluten free pastry, but not the kind that you can buy in the supermarkets. They cater for both professionals and homebakers through the production of their frozen pastry mixes, which allow you to use as much or as little as you like.

I was very kindly sent two of their mixes to sample (their gluten free pie pastry and their gluten free scone mix).

Before I get on to the review, here’s a little bit more about the brand, taken from their website:

Colin is a Pastry Chef, and has been for 30 years, dedicated to crafting the finest bakery products using the best ingredients he can source.

A few years ago he devised a unique (now patented) method of making a superfine, frozen mix that allowed him to prepare pastry to his exacting standards every time, with ease and no waste. He joined forces with John and they founded The Pastry Room, selling delicious pastry and scones that are now enjoyed by thousands. Continue reading

Not A Trace Awards 2015

Better late than never, welcome to my summary of the products and brands that caught my eye last year.

Unfortunately my blogging has once again had to take¬†a back seat¬†due to various commitments and the small matter of a wedding, but I’m very grateful to all of my readers that have stayed with me!

In the first year of my awards the blog¬†had passed 9,000 views and last year it had reached¬†28,000, but¬†I’m delighted that it’s now passed 46,000 views, even with limited blogging, so thank you very much! ūüôā

So, let’s kick off the awards….. Continue reading

Silly Yak Ready to Roll Pastry Block

product--pastry-blockIt’s always great to see new gluten free products on the market and I was delighted when new brand Silly Yak contacted me and¬†offered me the chance to try some samples of their new¬†Ready to Roll Pastry Block.

Since my diagnosis I haven’t really attempted to make my own pastry, but from what I’d seen it certainly didn’t seem to be¬†an easy thing to do. My Mum is one of the few who seems to have¬†sussed it and she regularly makes a gluten free quiche when I go home, but I wasn’t feeling the urge to try it myself. Fingers crossed this product would change all that!

If you don’t know much about the brand, here’s some more information for you, taken from their website:

When Lucy, the wife of a talented young baker named Tom, was diagnosed with Coeliacs, Tom couldn’t bear for her to miss out on all of her favourite baked goodies. With passion in his heart and a rumble in his tummy, Tom created a selection of truly scrumptious gluten and wheat-free treats that he and Lucy both loved. Now you can love them too with this delicious range of delights from the Silly Yak. Continue reading

Too Good To Be Gluten Free NO.G range

logo-1A few months ago social media was full of people saying they’d found a new gluten free range in their local supermarkets called NO.G, which produce gluten free pies and quiches. I’m a big fan of quiches, particularly with a salad on a hot day, but I was struggling to find the products that everyone was raving about.

Well panic not, I’ve now found them! ūüôā

A couple of weeks ago on a trip to my local ASDA I finally found them, nestled with the glutenous pie and quiche offerings. At that time they were at an introductory price of £2 per product, so it would have been rude not to have given them a go!

Before I get on to my product reviews, here’s a little bit more about the brand, taken from their website:

Adopting a gluten free lifestyle shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality, flavour or choice. Our expert chefs have a real passion for creating great-tasting gluten-free food, where premium ingredients are key. Continue reading

Christine’s Puddings

untitledIf you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know that I recently bought some more products from the amazing Christine of Christine’s Puddings when I saw her at the Coeliac UK Birmingham Group Food Fair.

I’d been meaning to write a review of her products after first trying them at the Bath Food Fair last year, but never got round to it, so I was determined to write one this time!

If you’ve not heard of Christine’s Puddings before, here’s a little bit more about the brand:

Christine’s Puddings was established in 2007 by Christine Willis. Being a Coeliac for nearly 40 years, I knew how hard it was to find good gluten-free proper puddings, so I decided to market the Christmas Pudding that I had been making for my family.

My range now includes several delicious gluten, wheat and dairy free products including great tasting pastry.

‚ÄúMy goal is to make interesting and tasty products that everyone can enjoy‚Ķ and, by the way ‚Äď everything is gluten-free!‚ÄĚ Continue reading

Genius Gluten Free Pains au Chocolat – Part 2

genius-logoLast year I wrote a blog post about Genius Gluten Free Pains au Chocolat but they were about to be discontinued in order for Genius to launch some new products (the review can be found here).

Now almost a year later, and as I tuck into one for breakfast, I think it’s about time the recently relaunched¬†Genius Gluten Free Pains au Chocolat are reviewed!


I was very impressed with this product the first time round, but I have to admit that this version is first class! ūüôā Continue reading

Freedom Deli

Before I start this review¬†I must apologise for my lack of blogging of late. Having recently started a new job which involves a¬†lot of travel, I haven’t had much time for blogging, but hopefully once I’m into the swing of things my blogging can go with me when I spend evenings away!

imagesCALA604MI first came across gluten free brand Freedom Deli at The Allergy & Free From Show in London back in June, when I bought one of their paninis at the end of the show. Although I’d been snacking on lots of freebies I hadn’t actually eaten properly and was starting to feel a bit unwell, particularly given the temperature in the building as well.

I purchased one of Freedom Deli’s ham and cheese paninis which they cooked from chilled and it tasted absolutely amazing – just like a¬†‘normal’ panini. I used to really enjoy paninis, much more than sandwiches, so this is definitely something that I’ve missed having since my diagnosis. Continue reading

Glamour Puds

glamourpuds logoOne brand¬†whose products I was really keen to sample¬†at The Allergy & Free From Show, was Glamour Puds. I’d heard about them through social media and thought that their products would be right up my street as I do love my desserts!

A great thing about Glamour Puds is that not only are their products gluten free,¬†they’re also dairy free, but don’t worry, this doesn’t compromise the taste!

The packaging of this brand is attractive and bright and the photos on each product are definitely a true representation of the final product. Continue reading

Baked to Taste Devon Steak & Potato Pasty

Now I may have mentioned this before, but I’m very proud to be Cornish, and one of the things I’ve missed most since being diagnosed is a good old Cornish pasty!¬†I actually had one back home in Penzance as my¬†last guilty pleasure before going gluten free!

baked to tasteSince then I’ve¬†come across a couple of companies which offer gluten free pasties, and one of these (Baked to Taste) very kindly offered to send me some samples. Given how much I really wanted to be able to eat pasties, I even overlooked the fact that they’re made in Devon….. ūüôā Continue reading