LoveCakeLisa – homemade gluten and dairy free cakes in West Cornwall

As you know, I like to publicise gluten free products and events both in Bristol and West Cornwall and this review is all about one such brand back at home in Penzance.

If you’re looking for gluten and dairy free cakes in West Cornwall then look no further than LoveCakeLisa.

Lisa kindly dropped some cakes round just before I went home for my birthday and on my arrival I was greeted by a selection of 4 individual cupcakes – chocolate, orange, zesty lemon and strawberry creme.

Before I get on to the review, here’s a little bit more about Lisa, taken from her blog:

My name is Lisa Spooner.  Originally from the west Midlands, I relocated to west Cornwall in 1998, and I’ve been living gluten-&-dairy-free for many years – long before it became trendy, and long before the supermarkets began to cotton on to the whole ‘free from’ market.  I can happily go without bread and pasta, but the one thing I did miss was good cake.  Yes, I know that in recent years the shops have begun to fill up with such products, but all too often these are loaded with cheap sugars, bad fats and unnecessary chemical additives which I’d prefer not to be eating.  So the only option for me was to make my own, not only to enjoy myself but to also share with family and friends – including those who eat ‘normal’ food! Continue reading


The Wheat Free Kitchen – our wedding cake!

Hi everyone, I’m back!!

Sorry for the blog / social media silence for the past few months / year but I’ve been fully engrossed in changing jobs and getting married, but as Rich and I are now Mr and Mrs I thought it was time to get back to the blogging, and what better way to start than with a review of our wedding cake! 🙂

From the start of the wedding planning process, we both agreed that all food at the wedding would be gluten free to avoid the risk of any potential cross contamination issues and to make sure that I wasn’t ill on our big day.

There are quite a few places in Bristol that make gluten free cakes and I got some quotes from these places, as well as asking around for suggestions at work. We also went to a wedding fayre at our wedding venue, and although the sample cakes there were amazing, there was little reassurance from anywhere I’d contacted that they could safely cope with making a gluten free cake.

Cue my lovely friends Gem and Beth at The Wheat Free Kitchen…


Continue reading

Genius Gluten Free Pains au Chocolat – Part 2

genius-logoLast year I wrote a blog post about Genius Gluten Free Pains au Chocolat but they were about to be discontinued in order for Genius to launch some new products (the review can be found here).

Now almost a year later, and as I tuck into one for breakfast, I think it’s about time the recently relaunched Genius Gluten Free Pains au Chocolat are reviewed!


I was very impressed with this product the first time round, but I have to admit that this version is first class! 🙂 Continue reading

Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies – Part 3

logoThe first product review on Not A Trace was of Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies who still remain one of, if not my favourite brownie producer!

After my first review, I went on to write a follow up review in July when I came across Fair & Square at another local food festival and discovered that they had produced some new flavours that just had to be reviewed.

Well, here they are again! I discovered a few months ago that the lovely Sarah would be bringing her brownies back to Bristol with her attendance at the Love Food Festival. The date went straight in my diary as I didn’t want to miss out on gluten free brownies! Continue reading

River Cottage Canteen – Gluten Free Cookery Demo

image001On Wednesday 26th February I will be attending a gluten free cookery demo courtesy of River Cottage Canteen and I can’t wait! 🙂

River Cottage Canteen Bristol has introduced a series of cookery demos, based on the River Cottage HQ’s cookery classes. The taster sessions, which started earlier this month feature some of the classics, with chocolate, bread and fish all on the menu.

‘These events are great fun and offer a genuine insight into the way we cook,’ says River Cottage founder Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. ‘They also give a tempting taste of what people can expect on the more in-depth cookery courses at River Cottage HQ’. Continue reading

Celtic Chocolates Caramel Choices, Dairy Free Confectionery

DSC02301When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease a friend of mine who has a wheat intolerance gave me some Choices chocolates to try. They weren’t to her taste so rather than throwing them away she thought I may like to try them.

Choices dairy free confectionery is made by Celtic Chocolates in Ireland and is described as ‘a delicious alternative to milk chocolate’.

Founded in 1990, Celtic Chocolates initially specialised in the manufacture of gourmet after dinner chocolates, boxed chocolate and easter eggs, winning many Great Taste Awards for its milk and dark chocolate mint crisps. It continues to make this range which has grown to include No Added Sugar options – all sold under the Celtic brand.

Over the last 5 years Celtic Chocolates has evolved into a significant supplier of Freefrom chocolate products to the mainstream grocery retail sector in Ireland and the United Kingdom. These products can be found in major multiple retail grocery and health food chains under Celtic, Choices and retailers Own Label brands. Continue reading

Pudology – dairy and gluten free desserts

Pudology-Logo-2A few weeks ago I received a sample of goodies from Pudology, a dairy and gluten free brand that I’d first come across at The Allergy & Free From Show a few months ago.

I didn’t buy any of their products at the show as I anticipated that the journey back to Bristol may not have been good for them, so I was delighted to be sent some products.

Here’s a little bit more information about Pudology, taken from their website:

Pudology was borne out of a dream for everyone to be able to enjoy incredibly rich and delicious desserts regardless of any food intolerances. We work tirelessly to create a wide range of tasty, indulgent treats that everyone can enjoy that are dairy and gluten free as well being free from eggs. All of our gorgeous desserts are suitable for Vegans and we are registered with the Vegan Society. Continue reading

Zara’s Chocolates

zaras logoI first met the lovely Zara a few months ago at the launch party for Amelie’s Larder’s new website.

One of Zara’s salted caramel truffles was in the goody bag for the launch party and from that moment on I was hooked!

Here’s a little bit more about Zara, taken from her website:

Having always had a fascination and passion for all things chocolate, Zara decided to learn more about the world of chocolate, and start creating for herself. Signing onto the Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Programme, she enjoyed learning about the history of, and how to work with chocolate; creating beautiful chocolates and experimenting with different flavours. Since then she has been continually expanding her skills, and trying out new, exciting ideas for her closest fans to judge. Since starting the company in 2011, Zara has delivered demonstrations and tasting events, hosted indulgent chocolate-making parties, and produced beautiful wedding favours to order. Continue reading


The-Frank-Food-Co-Logo-x2A few months ago I came across a brand on Twitter called The Frank Food Company. They are producers of FRANK bars which are ‘a deliciously indulgent snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients’.

Here’s some more information about FRANK bars taken from their website:

FRANK bars are a deliciously indulgent snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients such as wholegrain oats, dates & dried plums and topped with a delicious dairy free Coconut Cream chocolate. FRANK bars are gluten, nut & dairy free and are a source of protein, with each bar containing almost 4g of protein per 35g bar. FRANK bars also contain ENERGYSMART®, which is a patented, all-natural combination of carbohydrates from select fruits (apple, grape & pear) plus specially developed natural dextrins from grain which together provide longer-lasting energy.’

Another great bonus of this product is that they are also labelled as vegan friendly. Continue reading

PERK!ER Popping Tiffin

IMAG1362-2Following my review of PERK!ER’s Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin porridge a few weeks ago, the lovely Ann at      PERK!ER very kindly offered to send me some of their Popping Tiffin. I’d mentioned in my post that I was interested in trying them, as they seemed like my perfect treat, so of course I wasn’t going to turn down the offer!

The Popping Tiffin’s are made with gluten free crunchy chocolate biscuit, honeycomb and raisins coated with milk chocolate with a sprinkling of popping candy. How amazing does that sound?! Continue reading