Warrens Bakery


Now don’t get me wrong, in my pre coeliac days Warrens Bakery wouldn’t have been my first choice for a pasty, but quite frankly I’ll now go anywhere that has gluten free pasties!

I had heard on the grapevine that Warrens had started selling gluten free pasties towards the end of 2017, so when I went back to Cornwall earlier in the year, it had suddenly become extremely convenient to try them, as my parents had not long moved to within a few metres of one of their smaller shops in Penzance!

My mum had done a bit of research at the local shop for me and found out that as long as I pre-ordered the day before I needed them, they would make sure that they had some available and precooked by the time we collected them. They have two gluten free flavours (cheese and onion and a traditional steak), so naturally I ordered one of each!

Before I get on with the review, here’s a little bit of information about Warrens Bakery and their gluten free options, taken from their website:

In St Just, near Land’s End, 150 years ago, two families united bringing together the freshest local ingredients and traditional craft bakery skills. Making hand-crimped pasties, freshly baked bread and prized scones and biscuits, Warrens Bakery soon became firm favourites of the miners, farmers and the local community.

The recipes and hand-craft skills have been passed down generation after generation and if you walk into our bakery today, you’ll enjoy the same fresh smell of traditional baking, using West Country ingredients and paying care and attention to hand-making. We’re now over 60 stores strong, from Lands- End through to Birmingham and Hampshire, and we’re growing fast. Our team take great pride in our story whilst laying out the freshest baked goods each day.

Head Baker Jason Jobling, a long-established crimper who is also Chairman of the Cornish Pasty Association, has taken his years of experience to perfect the most deliciously tasty Gluten-Free Pasty.

Head Baker Jason, commented on the freshly baked batch of new arrivals – “We have been delighted with the reaction since the launch of our Vegan Pasties, but still felt that there was a gap in our offering which meant that we couldn’t cater for everyone. The new Gluten-Free pastry has taken a while to perfect, given that gluten gives a stretchiness to dough and we only wanted to launch this exciting new product once we were completely happy that the pastry retained all of the authentic qualities that have won us so many accolades. The new gluten-free arrivals have been developed to match as closely as possible, meaning everybody can now enjoy a convenient taste of the British seaside.”

DSC_5899The pasties are cooked in a bag and they remain in the same bag through to sale, so there are no cross contamination issues to be worried about, and you can also buy them frozen to cook at home, which is ideal if you want to keep a stash! 🙂

DSC_5894In terms of taste, wow! I’m obviously a bit of a pasty fiend, but I’m sure that a lot of people that are able to eat a ‘normal’ pasty wouldn’t even notice the difference, and that’s quite an achievement!

Pastry is renowned for being really difficult to produce and get right for gluten free products, but Warrens have genuinely nailed it. It is just the right thickness to hold the contents (which they certainly don’t skimp on!), but they don’t make it too thick to overpower the whole product.


As I’ve mentioned, they really don’t skimp on the pasty contents, particularly the steak one, and I can safely say that the traditional steak is my preferred of the two. The cheese and onion one was nice, but pasties are all about being steak right?!

At a cost of £3.75 for what is also a standard size pasty (it’s nice not to be short changed for being a coeliac!), I think this is a bargain and a good price for a lunchtime meal too.

On returning back to Bristol I discovered that the Bristol store on the corner of Corn Street also has them available for sale, but you need to give them an hours notice for cooking, so unfortunately it’s not a product that you can pop in and buy on a whim, but an hour isn’t that long to wait for a great pasty!

Unfortunately their sweet options, aren’t quite there on the gluten free side of things, but I can assure you that once you’ve had one of their pasties you won’t have room for cake! 🙂

I’m not sure that this review needs a summary, but all I will say is “get yourself to Warrens Bakery”!

If you’d like to find out more about Warrens Bakery you can visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.



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