Glamour Puds

glamourpuds logoOne brand whose products I was really keen to sample at The Allergy & Free From Show, was Glamour Puds. I’d heard about them through social media and thought that their products would be right up my street as I do love my desserts!

A great thing about Glamour Puds is that not only are their products gluten free, they’re also dairy free, but don’t worry, this doesn’t compromise the taste!

The packaging of this brand is attractive and bright and the photos on each product are definitely a true representation of the final product.

The lovely ladies at Glamour Puds were just about to open another dessert for sampling when I arrived at their stand, so I got there at the right time! They even gave me a choice of which one I wanted to try, so I opted for the Raspberry Chiffon Pie as I love raspberries and didn’t really know what a chiffon pie actually was.

IMAG0055This dessert was absolutely gorgeous and not what I expected at all. Unfortunately the delicate raspberry mousse and raspberry jelly filling wasn’t quite as solid as it should have been due to the hot weather on the day of the show, but it still tasted lovely. The filling was combined with a rich chocolate pastry, which topped the dessert off beautifully!

I think it’s safe to say I was going to be buying one of these desserts and I also came away with a Banoffee Sponge Pudding and a Passionfruit Chiffon Pie.

Once back in Bristol, I quickly discovered that one of the IMAG0042desserts didn’t survive the journey and it had to be the raspberry one didn’t it?! Unfortunately the plastic on the top of the dessert had slightly opened, causing a raspberry mess in the bottom of my bag. Fortunately the others were ok and they were quickly put in the fridge.

IMAG1550The first one I decided to try was the Passionfruit Chiffon Pie. I must admit that I’m not a big passionfruit fan so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this product, but it really surprised me. It seems I actually don’t mind passionfruit!

The one downside to this IMAG1551product, was that the pastry was very flaky and it fell apart when I was trying to get the dessert out of the carton. I was having so much difficulty that I had to cut the side of the carton open to try to prise it out. I imagine that this was probably related to the heat on the day it was purchased, as well as a 2 hour car journey before it could be put in the fridge.

IMAG0044Last week I decided to have the final product, the Banoffee Sponge Pudding. I was slightly confused by the microwave instructions as you would normally need to pierce the lid of products before microwaving and this wasn’t mentioned on the packaging. I decided to follow the instructions and hope that there wasn’t an explosion! Fortunately all was fine :).

Again, this product seemed perfect for my tastes and it really was. It turned out of the carton very easily and the smell was immense! I couldn’t really taste the banana element of the dessert, but it was very moist and the toffee sauce was divine :).


Overall, these are a great range of products and I look forward to trying some more, as well as buying another Raspberry Chiffon Pie!

For more information about Glamour Puds you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@gfglamourpuds).


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