Not A Trace Awards 2016

Regular readers will know that each year I have my own little awards ‘ceremony’ where I acknowledge the best products / companies in various categories.

The awards for 2016 are obviously a little late(!) and as my blog posts were few and far between last year, due to a certain little person taking all my attention, the 2016 awards are more a summary of my blog reviews from last year.

Despite my inability to blog of late, it’s great to have had over 58,000 blog views since Not A Trace began. I am also very proud to see the constant stream of views every day even if I haven’t blogged for a while. Thank you to you all!

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Pizza Express – gluten free dough balls

headerlogoSince I last wrote a review about Pizza Express back in 2013, I’ve visited the restaurants on numerous occasions, whether it be on my lunch break, with the Bristol Coeliac Group or when I booked to have a meal at one of the restaurants in Bath for my hen night!

Back when I wrote the first review, the starter options were quite limited, but now everyone’s prayers have been answered – they have gluten free dough balls! šŸ™‚

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Pizza Express, Corn Street, Bristol

logoLast week my lovely boyfriend offered to take me out for a meal to celebrateĀ that I’dĀ got aĀ new job :).

As the choice was down to me as to where we went, I opted for Pizza Express. Despite hearing great things about their ‘new’ gluten free options, I still hadn’t tried them for myself, so I thought that now would beĀ a great time to try them out.

When we go to Pizza Express in Bristol, we tend to go the one near the centre of town in Corn Street, so I booked a table online. I discovered that they were still running their weekend offer of 3 courses for Ā£13.75, but I’d previously seen comments that gluten free options weren’t included in this, and indeed none were shown on the set menu options.

I tweeted Pizza Express the eveningĀ before we were due to go to see if this was indeed the case, but I didn’t receive a response until after the day after I’d been (more on that later).

I still signed up for the offer as at the very least my boyfriend would be able to make use of it, so we headed into town andĀ to Pizza Express. Continue reading