Marks & Spencer Gluten Free Fish & Chicken Ranges

m&sI was delighted to recently discover that my local Marks & Spencer store now stocks gluten free fishcakes, cod fillets and chicken breast fillets. I say they ‘now’ stock these items, but to be honest they could have stocked them for a while, as I always look for a separate gluten free section. If I don’t see one then I tend to assume that there aren’t any gluten free products, as this type of layout is what I’ve come to expect.

m and s gluten free logoThe M&S gluten free products are easily identifiable, with the gluten free logo clearly visible on the front of each product in the range.

I must admit that I haven’t always been a big fan of M&S’s gluten free products, but some of their gluten free cakes are lovely, so I was open-minded when my boyfriend came home with some salmon fishcakes, which he’d found nestled away with the ‘normal’ fishcakes.

I’ve always been a fan of fishcakes, but I tended to go for the cod ones rather than salmon, but it seems that only salmon ones are available in M&S at the moment. They are described as ‘Scottish Lochmuir salmon fishcakes with mashed potato coated in gluten free breadcrumbs’.


The fishcakes can be cooked straight from frozen and take 16-18 minutes to cook from fresh and 20-23 minutes from frozen. We had ours with a selection of vegetables and they tasted really nice. It was great to be able to have fishcakes again and it was also great to have a product that both my boyfriend and I could enjoy together.

Following the success of the fishcakes, I went back to M&S myself to see if I could find any other gluten free products lurking in the store, and I was delighted to find cod fillets in breadcrumbs, as well as chicken breast fillets!


First of all we created our own fish and chip shop experience, by making some chunky chips to have with the cod fillet, along with some peas.IMAG1388

The cod was amazing and tasted just like it would from the ‘chippy’. The crisp golden crumb coating was exactly as described, but also delicious! These fillets were so good that we’ve already been back and bought some more and at a cost of £2.99 for two fillets, I think they’re great value!


Next up was the ‘tender chicken breasts coated in crunchy golden breadcrumbs made from tasty rice and maize flour’.

I used to regularly eat escalopes and kievs, so it was great to be able to have something similar again, although as you can see from the picture, they are a little on the small side (either that or we had a lot of veg – which is possible!).

The fillets take 25 minutes to cook and, again, they’re exactly as they are described. They have a very good taste and texture and I will also be buying these again, although they don’t seem as good value wise as the other two products, due to their size.

Overall, I am very pleased that Marks & Spencer have this gluten free range and I look forward to new products being launched. I for one would love to see scampi added, as well as some additional fishcake options and some savoury options.

For more information about Marks & Spencer you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@marksandspencer).


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