Renaissance Cafe Bar Restaurant, Penzance


Back in April we went back to my home town of Penzance to celebrate my birthday and to see my friends before we had the baby (we knew we wouldn’t be back home for a long time once we’d had him).

I wanted to get everyone together in one place which meant that I needed to find a suitable venue to accommodate a large group, as well as one that could cater for my dietary requirements.

Situated in Wharfside Shopping Centre overlooking Penzance harbour, I’d been to the Renaissance Restaurant on numerous occasions both before being diagnosed and since then, so I knew that they could safely cater for a coeliac, making it the perfect choice. Continue reading


D Fecci & Sons Fish & Chips, Tenby

DSC05602-2Earlier this week I travelled to Pembrokeshire for work and I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers for suggestions of good gluten free places in the area. I normally eat in my hotel when I’m in Pembroke, but after some disappointing meals I thought I’d see what else was on offer.

A couple of places were recommended by my followers and I did some of my own research too, with one place coming up in a number of different searches, D Fecci & Sons, a fish and chip shop in Tenby.

Ideally I didn’t want to have to travel too far to get my tea, so I decided to stop off in Tenby on my way to Pembroke, just so that I didn’t have to go back out again!

I’ve heard a lot about Tenby, but I’d never visited before. It is a very pretty little town with the most stunning coastline and views and a quaint little high street, which is where I headed to try to find the fish and chip shop.

The shop wasn’t particularly difficult to find as Tenby isn’t one of the largest towns, but it certainly seems to have a lot of fish and chip shops! Continue reading

Papa’s Fish & Chips

papas logo-Since starting my new job I’ve been working away quite a lot, which has meant indulging in hotel food, but sometimes it’s nice to try local restaurants, but this is often difficult for a coeliac. How do you know that the restaurant serves good food let alone cater for a coeliac? Well, this is where the wonderful Twitter community comes in!

Following an appeal on Twitter for suitable restaurants in Worksop, the wonderful @paddyrathmines recommended Papa’s Fish & Chips. I have had gluten free fish and chips before, but I’ve been feeling quite in the mood for some of late, especially since discovering that my local chippy had stopped offering the gluten free option do to the costs involved :(.

If you haven’t heard of Papa’s here’s a little bit more about them, taken from their website:

We are one of the UK’s longest serving fish and chip establishments. From humble beginnings in 1966, Papa’s has become an award winning establishment. Below is the history of the world… well, only the tasty bit.

1966 – The first Papa’s opens in Margate, Kent.

1973 – Papa worked hard perfecting the same ‘Secret Recipe Batter’ we still use today.

1990 – Papa’s vows only to use local produce and sustainable fish.

2003 – Papa’s hit a landmark – 25th Award across all its branches.

2009 – is launched.

2011 – A company record is set: 4,296 Fish and Chips served in one day. Continue reading