Vinegar Jones Fish & Chips, Bowness-on-Windermere


My first blog post back has to be about one of the best examples of gluten free food that we’ve had over recent months.

A few months ago we visited the Lake District for our final break before the baby arrived. We’d visited Windermere a few years ago but that was in my pre-coeliac days, so I did some research into hotels and eateries before we booked our trip, just to make sure I would be ok.

We arrived quite late in the day on our first night due to a very long drive up from Bristol. As a result, I liked the idea of going for a walk rather than sitting down to a meal, so we decided to get fish and chips. Continue reading


Leon Restaurants

leon-naturally-logoOne of the perks of my job is my occasional visits to London, as that means a visit to a Leon restaurant!

I hadn’t come across a Leon restaurant before, but it’s rise on social media made me want to give it a go and now I am totally hooked! Its convenient location between the London office and the tube station means it’s the only place I have lunch when I’m there on a day trip.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Leon, their slogan is ‘naturally fast food’ and it is just that. Think of the immediate turnaround of food in somewhere like McDonalds and it is the same in Leon, but the food is considerably healthier.

Here’s the Leon Vision, taken from their website:

There is something magical about fast food. Both of us, as children, considered a trip to a fast food joint the biggest treat imaginable. John used to lie on his back and wave his arms and legs in the air with excitement before his once-a-term visit to McDonalds. But then we grew up, and realised that most fast food makes you fall asleep and wake up fat. So, we asked ourselves: why can’t fast food be good food?

We opened Leon because we wanted to prove that it was possible to serve food that both tastes good and does you good. We want to make it easy for people to eat well on the high street. We want to do this in every major city in the world. Continue reading

Toro Noodle Bar, Bristol – Gluten Free Buffet Event (event has now taken place)

logoAs you all know I was helping to promote a Gluten Free Buffet at Toro Noodle Bar to help celebrate Chinese New Year earlier this month. Unfortunately despite best efforts, only four people attended the event. I was very disappointed that the turn out wasn’t greater, however it was a great opportunity for me to meet the lovely Debra (@likeazebora) so I can’t complain! Continue reading

Toro Noodle Bar, Bristol – Takeaway Review – UPDATED

logoUPDATE 20/09/2014: I don’t normally post negative reviews on my blog unless something really annoys me or if it could have a negative on someone else. Unfortunately I’ve reached the end of the road with Toro Noodle Bar.

The last time we tried to order a takeaway there was clear confusion regarding providing gluten free meals, so I didn’t go through with the order and complained through their Twitter account. My former contact Lindsey no longer works there, but advised that gluten free was still being provided and couldn’t understand why there was confusion.

I left it a few months before considering going back there and yesterday my sister, brother-in-law and niece were visiting from Cornwall and were keen to have a takeaway, so this was going to be Toro’s final chance. Continue reading

Not A Trace Awards 2013

MeAs we approach the festive season, and I approach my first coeliac anniversary next month, I thought that now would be a good time to look back over the past year and highlight my favourite products, restaurants etc that I’ve come across. What better way to do this than in the form of the inaugural Not A Trace awards!

I’ve reviewed at lot of amazing things since starting my blog in April and having passed 9000 views during that time, I’m very grateful to all of my readers! It’s certainly been a very rewarding and somewhat therapeutic experience for myself and I hope it’s been of some benefit to all of you too!

I must also say that I have made some wonderful friends in the gluten free community as a result of social media, and I’m very grateful to all of you for your friendship and advice during my first year as a coeliac. Thank you!

So, let’s kick off the awards….. Continue reading

Papa’s Fish & Chips

papas logo-Since starting my new job I’ve been working away quite a lot, which has meant indulging in hotel food, but sometimes it’s nice to try local restaurants, but this is often difficult for a coeliac. How do you know that the restaurant serves good food let alone cater for a coeliac? Well, this is where the wonderful Twitter community comes in!

Following an appeal on Twitter for suitable restaurants in Worksop, the wonderful @paddyrathmines recommended Papa’s Fish & Chips. I have had gluten free fish and chips before, but I’ve been feeling quite in the mood for some of late, especially since discovering that my local chippy had stopped offering the gluten free option do to the costs involved :(.

If you haven’t heard of Papa’s here’s a little bit more about them, taken from their website:

We are one of the UK’s longest serving fish and chip establishments. From humble beginnings in 1966, Papa’s has become an award winning establishment. Below is the history of the world… well, only the tasty bit.

1966 – The first Papa’s opens in Margate, Kent.

1973 – Papa worked hard perfecting the same ‘Secret Recipe Batter’ we still use today.

1990 – Papa’s vows only to use local produce and sustainable fish.

2003 – Papa’s hit a landmark – 25th Award across all its branches.

2009 – is launched.

2011 – A company record is set: 4,296 Fish and Chips served in one day. Continue reading