LumberJack Bars

lumberjack-logoThe early days of being a new mum proved quite hard for me, but one thing that really got me through was a well-timed delivery of LumberJack Bars!

I spent the first week home from hospital effectively stuck in one room as I had a few mobility issues, so Rich was making sure that I was well fed so that I could look after the baby, but mealtimes were a bit hit and miss.

As a result, snacks proved to be very useful for providing that extra bit of fuel, especially protein packed ones….

I’d never heard of LumberJack Bars before I was contacted and asked if I’d like to try them, and I’ve never been so pleased that I said yes!

LumberJack Bars are a gluten free flapjack (also suitable for vegetarians) from Blackfriars Bakery based in Leicester. There are three different flavours available (vanilla flavour fudge with chia and hemp seed, ginger, orange and dark chocolate and finally yoghurt and mixed berries).


All of the flapjack bars are very filling which was just what I needed, but they are also bursting with flavour.

My absolute favourite, and something I will definitely keep a stock of, are the yoghurt and mixed berries flavour bars. These are ridiculously moreish and felt so good it was as if I was eating something like cake, but these are much healthier! 🙂

The ginger, orange and dark chocolate flavour ones are ok, but unfortunately my dislike of ginger won out, so these were  my least favourite, but still a great product to tide me through until my next meal.

The vanilla fudge flavour bars were also great and another flavoursome product. The added seeds in these ones made them feel even healthier!

These bars are available to buy in packs of 15 direct from the Blackfriars Bakery website, at a price of £14.99. At £1 per bar, I think this is a great buy and the minimum 5 month shelf life is also a brilliant bonus.

I’m not sure if mixed flavours can be purchased, but I’d certainly buy a pack of the yoghurt ones!

If you’d like to find out more about Blackfriars Bakery and LumberJack Bars, you can check out their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.


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