Schär (formerly DS-gluten free)

logoA couple of months ago I was asked if I’d like to try some of the new Schär range which was heading to the UK. How could I resist?

For those of you that aren’t aware, Schär has replaced the ever popular DS-gluten free. I’d previously reviewed a couple of their very popular products, including their Bourbon Biscuits and Custard Creams (this was when I guest blogged for DS-gluten free, but unfortunately the link to this no longer exists), as well as the Wholesome Seeded Loaf, and I’m delighted to say that all of these products are still available under the new name, along with some great new products and some bright new branding!

For those of you that don’t know much about the brand, here is a snippet from their press release:

Gluten-free customers are set for an autumn treat this year as Schär launches its expansive range in UK stores.

Replacing the popular DS-gluten free range, Schär will bring eight new delicious products to those following a gluten-free diet in the UK. In Europe, Schär has spent decades specialising in the development of gluten-free food, producing products that rival their gluten containing equivalents in both quality and taste.

Schär will rebrand existing DS-gluten-free favourites such as the Wholesome Loaves, Bontà d’Italia pizzas, Ciabatta Rolls and biscuits, along with a number of new savoury and sweet, authentic tasting products.

Bradley Grimshaw, Commercial Director of Dr Schär UK remarks: “At Schär our mission is to make life more enjoyable for those following a gluten free diet, either through our broad range of recipes and high quality products, or via our services which can help our customers find gluten free restaurants and holidays.

“From staple bread lines to convenient ready meals and sweet treats, our decades of experience in research and development ensure we know more about our customers’ needs and can cater for all aspects of the gluten-free diet.”

Schär products are available from leading supermarkets across the UK including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose.

Although I was asked if I’d like to try some samples, I wasn’t sure what I would be receiving, so I was delighted to receive the following beautifully presented package….


But what was inside? I hear you ask! Well the answer is a whole lot of glutenfreeness!


The box contained: Breakfast Bakes, a Wholesome Seeded Loaf, White Ciabatta Rolls, Mini Os, Custard Creams and Chocolix. Oh and a Schär pen!

As previously mentioned I’ve already reviewed the Wholesome Seeded Loaf and Custard Creams (and can confirm that both taste just as amazing as before!), but the other products are all new to me (although the Ciabatta Rolls were available under the DS-gluten free range).

DSC_1598White Ciabatta Rolls

As this was my first time trying these rolls, under either branding, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some gluten free rolls are really not great at all, so how would these fair?

Well the answer is brilliantly and I think they are very versatile too!

There are four of the rolls in a packet and each roll is high in fibre, low in fat and low in saturated fat, as well as being gluten free, wheat free, preservative free and lactose free.

I decided to warm mine in the oven and have them with some tomato soup (and a little bit of cheese). You only need to bake them for 8-10 minutes but they come up with an amazing crustier bite to them which works perfectly with soup!

DSC_1991 DSC_1992

Each roll is beautifully airy inside and I think these will work perfectly with ham and cheese to make a gorgeous roll for lunch. Mmmm….. I know what I’m having later!

It’s a big thumbs up from me for these rolls and with the added bonus of really long use by dates, what’s not to love?

The RRP for the White Ciabatta Rolls is £2.00 which I think represents great value.

Breakfast BakesDSC_1600

The Biscuit Bakes are made from gluten free oats, so great for those of us that get on well with oats, and I’m delighted to say that they are extremely tasty! However, there is one draw back for me and that’s the portioning.

Each box comes with two packets of five biscuits, but I feel that’s too many in a packet as these biscuits are a good size and are actually quite filling. I would prefer to see maybe three biscuits in a packet at most.

A reduction in biscuits per packet would also increase the amount of value in a box, as two packets doesn’t feel like great value to me when the RRP for a box is £1.69.


Having fewer in a packet and having the option to have more if you want them, is in my opinion better than having too many in a packet and potentially wasting them, as they are a good product. If they were better value I would definitely consider having these as back up breakfast option.

Mini OsDSC_1603

These biscuits look amazing and are instantly going to be compared to Oreos.

They have a ‘soft and creamy vanilla centre sandwiched between two light and crunchy biscuits’. That’s the product description, but is it accurate?

DSC_2049My first stumbling block was actually trying to get in them, as the strip to unwrap them with came off!

Once in though I was met by some quite literally ‘mini’ biscuits. They are tiny, but probably a good product for children.

DSC_2051The biscuits themselves are very crunchy which is great, but the vanilla might as well have not been there as I couldn’t taste it at all! An instant comparison for me is to the Schär Custard Creams and Bourbon Biscuits where you can really taste the fillings, so those would definitely get bought ahead of the Mini Os.

The RRP for the Mini Os is £1.20 which is good value if you enjoy them.


Chocolix are milk chocolate coated bars with a caramel filling, which I think really work.

Although similar in appearance to Twix they have a different taste and texture to a Twix, which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing.

Each box contains 5 individually wrapped bars which is great for lunch boxes and trying to ration yourself!

TDSC_2048he bar is both crunchy and soft at the same time, but the caramel filling is gorgeous. The biscuit part of the bar could perhaps be crunchier, but I guess being right next to caramel will result in a slight softer biscuit. All in all though this is a great snack that I certainly wouldn’t say no to!

The RRP for a box of Chocolix is £2.19 which I think is a reasonable value.


Schär have done well with this range and it’s great to see the brand expanding into different supermarkets. I must admit that when I was first diagnosed I viewed DS-gluten free as one of the not so appealing gluten free brands, but this rebranding and increased product range has certainly changed all that.

I’ve since bought some different Schär products that I haven’t got around to trying yet, but once I do I’ll update this post with those reviews. There are also some amazing new products that I haven’t yet found but look forward to trying, including their Cannelloni with Spinach (I’ve not had gluten free cannelloni so this sounds amazing) and their Frozen White Rolls, which I’m sure I’ve had when I’ve been stating in hotels!!

If you’d like to find out more about Schär and their products you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Have you tried any of these products or indeed any of the other Schär products now available? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Schär (formerly DS-gluten free)

  1. Glad to see Schar products back on sale in the UK once more – but why can’t I get my favourite Savoiardi biscuits ( Ladyfingers) – perfect for coeliacs like me who must also avoid milk content. And what about Schar mix B that worked so well in my automatic breadmaker ? Thank goodness I have family in the USA and in Belgium who bring supplies over for me !
    Not good enough Mr Grimshaw !!

  2. I have just had the misfortune to have had a bad reaction from Eating plain Schar GF Brown Ciabatta Rolls. When they where sold under “ds” brand I had no problems.

  3. Unfortunately Schär use soya in many of their gf products – just as bad as wheat and gluten for me. Very very disappointed that they seem to have dropped the herb and onion crackers – which were originally TruFree and I’d have liked regardless of dietary concerns.
    The Schär cream crackers are much too sweet – and have soya in them.

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