The Swan at Nibley, South Gloucestershire


Those of you that are local to the Bristol area you may have already come across The Swan at Nibley, but for those of you that haven’t, The Swan Inn is a brilliant pub / restaurant on the outskirts of Yate in South Gloucestershire.

Here’s a little bit more about The Swan, taken from its website:

We embrace the principle of good food in relaxed surroundings and have always endeavoured to use the freshest and best of ingredients and buy locally wherever possible. Whilst our Evening Menu is fantastic, the Specials Board is where our chefs get all creative so we would definitely recommend you have a look at the specials before ordering!

If you are looking for a quick, satisfying lunchtime meal, try one of our ciabatta rolls. For those with a bit more time and a bigger appetite, our New Fixed Price Lunch Menu represents superb value for money and offers some of our best dishes at superb prices. Or you may just want to enjoy a glass of wine or local ale on one of our bar stools and enjoy the friendly, welcoming bar atmosphere.

Children are more than welcome at The Swan – we have plenty of high-chairs and of course a special menu for the little ones too!

I was only made aware of The Swan as it’s situated near to Rich’s work and he’d visited it, but then coincidentally it was recommended for its gluten free food on social media. Their online menu even states ‘lots of our dishes can be prepared Gluten Free and we regularly run Gluten Free Specials, ask us for more details’.

As a result we gave them a call ahead of our first visit to check that they could indeed offer gluten free food and they appeared very knowledgeable about the requirements of a coeliac, including cross contamination!

Our first visit was brilliant. They demonstrated their awareness of gluten free food from the onset, also commenting on cooking gluten free items in separate fryers, and it really put my mind at rest that I shouldn’t have a problem eating there. And I didn’t!

I ordered the Honey Glazed Ham which is served with two eggs and chips, which they confirmed I was fine to eat. I am very pleased to report that it was absolutely amazing!


One thing to comment on about The Swan (which you may have noted from the photo above) is the portion sizes. You get so much food no matter what you order!!

In this instance there was a lot of thickly cut ham underneath the eggs, but I wasn’t going to complain as it was simply gorgeous and very reasonably priced at £10.95.


The second time we visited The Swan we decided that it would be a great place to take my best friend when she was visiting from Cornwall.

She was certainly stuck for choice, but I once again went for the Honey Glazed Ham, which I think proves just how much I loved it the first time around! However this time I also went for a dessert.

Desserts at The Swan are an experience in themselves, as you are presented with a massive tray showcasing a slice of every type of cake they offer. This is a great way of showing off the desserts as I think seeing them is better than reading them off a menu. Oh and don’t worry if you were to choose one of these options you would be given a fresh slice from the kitchen!

From a coeliac perspective I was worried about what I could have on the dessert front, but I really didn’t need to. Look at all of these options……. 🙂 🙂

DSC_1995 DSC_1993

Now that’s what you call options! I was quite literally astounded by this as there were so many options to choose from. These same options have been available every time I’ve visited, so it wasn’t even a one-off!

However, that said on the first occasion when I wanted a dessert I wasn’t feeling very cakey, so I actually opted for the Marshfield ice cream, but even that was wonderfully presented.



We recently went back for another visit to The Swan, but this time on a Sunday. Would they be able to offer a gluten free Sunday lunch? Of course they could!

They can offer gluten free gravy as well as gluten free Yorkshires, yum!

Their Sunday roast price varies from £10.95 up to £12.95 if you choose a mixed roast, which was what I did. I ordered the lamb and the pork as these are my two favourites meats and once again I wasn’t disappointed.


I was given my own bowl of veg rather than sharing Rich’s as his had cream sauce on the cauliflower, so it was great to see their awareness without me even having to question it.


The meat was extremely thick and again there was a lot of it (I should have come to expect this now!), but my one slightly negative comment would be on the quality of the Yorkshire pudding, as it was a little bit too tough and took quite a lot of effort to cut through, but to be honest I appreciate that I had one at all!

I really didn’t need a dessert after all that food, but having not had one of their cakes previously, I just had to try one. I opted for the Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake with cream and it was delish!


I wondered how they would be able to do a gluten free cheesecake base, but it seemed to be more of a pastry base as opposed to a biscuit base, or at least it was in its texture. I would most definitely have it again, but I felt totally stuffed afterwards! 🙂


We have since paid one more visit to The Swan (actually a few days after the Sunday roast!) as we were in the area. This time I finally went for a different main course and chose the Traditional Risotto with goats cheese, bacon and peas.


Again, the portion size beat me and I could only manage half of it, but what I did manage was great and the rice was very well cooked. At £11.95 this is again a very well priced dish, as long as you’re hungry!

I think this just about summarises my visits to The Swan at Nibley, and I hope you gather from this that I absolutely love it! It’s a great venue, with lovely and very knowledgeable staff (no matter who you speak to they all have awareness of their gluten free options and how to produce it safely) and above all immense food!

If you are ever in the area, I would strongly recommend that you give it a go. I may see you there!!

If you’d like to find out more about The Swan at Nibley you can visit their website, following them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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