Salt & Malt, Chew Valley Lake


I first ventured out to Chew Valley Lake last year and experienced the fish and chips at Salt & Malt, an amazing restaurant overlooking the lake. I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t have time for photos, so promised myself that the next time I went I would write a review….

Before I get on to that, if you haven’t heard of Salt & Malt where have you been? Not only do they have a restaurant, but they also have a takeaway so you can have the same great food whilst enjoying a walk around the stunning lake.

However, the best thing about Salt & Malt is that a large number of their items are gluten free as standard! 🙂

Here’s more information about their gluten free options, taken from their website:

Cast an eye over our menu and you’ll quickly notice that lots of the dishes on our menu are gluten free meaning everybody can enjoy our food… including the fish and chips!

By using a special homemade batter and British rapeseed oil in our fryers, we are proud that our entire fish & chip range is gluten free.

By using rapeseed oil (no palm oil) we’re doing our bit for your bodies and keeping Mother Nature happy too. Not only is rapeseed oil an unsaturated fat keeping you lean, but it is a sustainable, British crop!

All products using breadcrumbs including our fishcake and scampi are cooked in a separate fryer to prevent any contamination of gluten-free products. We also use gluten-free vinegar, just to be on the safe side!

The suggestion of a ‘Coeliacs in Bristol’ group trip to Salt & Malt had been mentioned a couple of times, so I thought what better outing to have for my first group social post baby.

I asked the group how many people would be interested and organised a special opening with the venue in order to accommodate the 20-30 people who said they’d be keen to come.

Unfortunately, when it came to final numbers and obtaining preorders, only 10 people were able to make it, so I did some rearranging with the venue to better suit those that could make it and to fit with the venue’s standard opening times.

My preorder was pretty greedy to be honest, but I don’t go there often so why not treat myself? I ordered the cod and chips (swapping the peas for baked beans) and a battered sausage! I haven’t come across any other venues offering gluten free battered sausages since my diagnosis, so it just had to be done!

It was really busy when we got there with up to a 20 minute wait, but luckily our reservation meant we didn’t have to wait too long (although had to wait a little bit as our booking time hadn’t been updated on the system…), and it also meant that our food came quickly due to us preordering.

Wow, wow, wow – the food at this place is just amazing! 🙂


The cod was gorgeous with a lovely crisp batter and the chips were very fluffy yet still dsc_4703crispy. Gorgeous!

The creme de la creme for me though was the battered sausage! It tasted very good quality (not watery as some supermarket sausages can taste) and the batter was great once again. These battered sausages really are up there as one of my top treats.

We’ll definitely be heading back, but please note their amended opening times for the winter season!

Finally, thank you to Salt & Malt for the amazing food and also to the members of the group that were able to join us.

If you’d like to find out more about Salt & Malt you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

NB: The next group social will be out Christmas meal at Venue 35 on the 17th December at 7pm. All members of the group are welcome, but I do need to know numbers and preorders in advance, so if you’re interested in coming along please log your interest on the event page (which you should be able to access from this link if you’re a member of the group).


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