Tesco and its gluten free offerings

I, like a number of other people on social media, have noticed a massive improvement in the amount of gluten free options available in Tesco of late, with lots of chatter on Facebook, Twitter etc about how good the products are.

I’m aware that Tesco has often had the monopoly on new products, but recently their own brand stock has improved significantly. This combined with them raising the awareness of their gluten free offerings via their publications and TV advert has been fantastic!

My mum even commented the other day that when she went to the local store in Penzance there were staff throughout the store offering samples of some of their gluten free goodness – it’s great to see this type of instore promotion! 🙂

The last time I visited one of the larger stores in the area, I actually took some photos as I was so impressed with the vast array of options:

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I’ve never really been a fan of lager myself, I’m more of a cider girl, but my boyfriend tried a sample of CELIA Lager at The Allergy & Free From Show and was impressed, which is great considering that it’s gluten free!

As a cider or spirits drinker, I’m quite fortunate that most of the drinks I like are naturally gluten free, but I’m aware that it’s difficult to find gluten free lager, so to have a company such as CELIA to fill the gap is great. Continue reading