Georges Fish Bar, Hanham

Social media really is a wonderful thing…. You’ll be aware that I set up the Coeliacs in Bristol Facebook group with the intention of forming an official Coeliac UK group (more on that to follow….), but it’s also used as a forum for sharing new finds and asking for advice.

One of the suggestions posted by the lovely Sonia was regarding Georges Fish Bar in Hanham and that they are now serving gluten free fish and chips. Having moved to Hanham earlier this year, this was amazing news, so I contacted them for some more information.

At present they only offer gluten free fish and chips on the first Monday of every month between the hours of 17:00 – 20:30, but hopefully with a bit more advertising and interest I’m hoping they may increase this….

I was certainly very keen to try it out (and even wrote it in my diary so I didn’t forget!) so earlier this month I sent Rich off to the chippy whilst I stayed at home with the baby. He went soon after 5pm, but apparently it was already quite busy.

Rich is great at knowing what to look out for to ensure there are good controls in place to reduce cross contamination, and he let me know that he’d seen them using a separate fryer for the gluten free items, which was great to hear!

We’d ordered two lots of fish and one large portion of chips and the cost came to around £12, which I think is really reasonable. As I didn’t go myself I’m not sure, but it sounds like there wasn’t an inflated price for choosing gluten free?

But how did it taste I hear you ask?! The answer – amazing!!


The batter was lovely and thin and crispy, the fish was gorgeous and the chips were a fine specimen of chip shop chips! 🙂

The only negative was that Rich was asked if he wanted salt and vinegar and before answering the chips were already being smothered in salt – which I absolutely hate! This was off-putting as some of the chips were literally coated in it, but it was primarily the ones that were on the top so these were put to one side. The rest were lovely!

I’ve already diarised a return visit next month and I can’t wait! 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about Georges Fish Bar you can like their Facebook page.


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