Zizzi – gluten free garlic bread

zizzi-roundelThree years ago I wrote a review about my local Zizzi at Cabot Circus. I had a great meal there and have eaten at numerous restaurants since that first review, all offering a good service and great gluten free options.

However, back when I did the first review there wasn’t an option to have gluten free garlic bread, but there is now! 🙂 Although it’s not actually advertised on their menu as being available…..

I heard about this from my friend Emma, so the next time we visited a Zizzi I asked them if they could provide a gluten free garlic bread and without any hesitation they said yes (just for reference this was the Zizzi in Shrewsbury)!

How amazing does this look….?


I just love a garlic bread that is thin and crispy and this was exactly that! You can see that it was a good portion size too. Mmmmm I want some more now! 🙂

You can’t see from this picture, but gluten free items at Zizzi also come with stickers that clearly identify that they are gluten free. This shows just how far we’ve come since the review three years ago and when I was first diagnosed.

Well done Zizzi, top marks, but why don’t you advertise that you can provide gluten free garlic bread? I think you’d get a lot more takers if you did!

For more information on Zizzi please visit their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.


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