LoveCakeLisa – homemade gluten and dairy free cakes in West Cornwall

As you know, I like to publicise gluten free products and events both in Bristol and West Cornwall and this review is all about one such brand back at home in Penzance.

If you’re looking for gluten and dairy free cakes in West Cornwall then look no further than LoveCakeLisa.

Lisa kindly dropped some cakes round just before I went home for my birthday and on my arrival I was greeted by a selection of 4 individual cupcakes – chocolate, orange, zesty lemon and strawberry creme.

Before I get on to the review, here’s a little bit more about Lisa, taken from her blog:

My name is Lisa Spooner.  Originally from the west Midlands, I relocated to west Cornwall in 1998, and I’ve been living gluten-&-dairy-free for many years – long before it became trendy, and long before the supermarkets began to cotton on to the whole ‘free from’ market.  I can happily go without bread and pasta, but the one thing I did miss was good cake.  Yes, I know that in recent years the shops have begun to fill up with such products, but all too often these are loaded with cheap sugars, bad fats and unnecessary chemical additives which I’d prefer not to be eating.  So the only option for me was to make my own, not only to enjoy myself but to also share with family and friends – including those who eat ‘normal’ food!

And then came the question: when are you going to start selling these?  Well, it’s taken a while, but now here I am, conjuring my creations in my home kitchen and offering them for sale at select locations throughout the county.

Due to the birthday celebrations a lot of cake was consumed back in Cornwall, so we waited to try these once we’d got back to Bristol (which by now is a couple of days after they were baked).

The first ones we decided to try were the zesty lemon and strawberry creme.

The first thing I have to say is that you can really notice the difference between a fresh homemade cake and a mass produced one! These were so light, fluffy and full of flavour!

You can see from the photos above just how good the sponge was, but the flavour in both of these was great. Rich commented that he could taste carrot in them, but I couldn’t. On checking the ingredients list sent through from Lisa, he was right – all of the cupcakes actually had fresh carrot in them, although I’m still bemused as to how he noticed that!

The strawberry creme cupcake was great and as you can probably see from the photos, the cake mix appeared to be the same on both cakes (bar the addition of fresh lemon rind and juice in the lemon one and vanilla extract in the strawberry one), but it was primarily the icing that supplied the flavour of the cakes.

On the subject of the icing, I was very impressed with the amount of icing. I often find that there’s either too much or too little which can then detract from the cake itself, but I felt that this was spot on.

The following day we decided to have the remaining two cupcakes, but discovered that the chocolate one hadn’t quite survived the journey…. therefore there isn’t a ‘before’ photo of that one as it was a bit too messy!

That said though, it was absolutely gorgeous and probably my favourite of the four cakes. It wasn’t too strong in flavour as some chocolate cakes can be and again the consistency in both the sponge and icing was perfect.

In respect of the orange cupcake, this too was full of flavour and well worth the wait. Considering this was now a good few days after they’d been baked, they still tasted great!

I believe that all of the cupcakes are priced at around £1 per cupcake, which I think is great value for a homemade gluten free product.

If you’d like to try some of these cakes for yourself, you can find Lisa at the Penzance Country Market in St John’s Hall every Thursday morning, but she also supplies cakes to Treen Cafe in St Levan if you’re in the area!

To find out more about LoveCakeLisa you can follow her blog or like her on Facebook.


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