It’s Not A Trace’s birthday!

I’ve just been reminded that it’s my blog’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Not A Trace! šŸ™‚

My blog was set up 3 years ago for two main reasons: the first was to allow me to have an outlet to share my gluten free views and reviews and the second was to hopefully help other coeliacs and gluten intolerantĀ people along the way.

During the last three years the blog has had overĀ 48,500 views, which I don’t think is bad for little old me!

I have to say though that I think the biggest achievement coming from the blog, has been my involvement in the Bristol Coeliac Group.

I set up the ‘Coeliacs in Bristol’ Facebook group to see if there would be any interest in helping me to set up an official Coeliac UK group, as I didn’t feel that it was right that a city the size of Bristol didn’t have it’s own group already.

Now almost 18 months later we have nearly achieved our goal. So, if all goes to plan Bristol will soon be able to hold its own official gluten free events and food fairs, rather than us looking on enviously at the other groups in the UK!

As well as this though, some great friendships have been built up within the group at our monthly meet ups, and although my involvement in these will reduce over the coming months when we welcomeĀ theĀ new addition to our family, I have no doubt that those friendships will remain and the group will continue to grow and provide a great outlet for the people of Bristol to share their gluten freeĀ stories.

Finally, thank you to all my readers for your continued support and I apologise for the recent lack of blogging and the future lack of blogging that will definitely happen when our little boy enters the world. Hopefully maternity leave will allow the odd few minutes to try and get a bit of blogging in! šŸ™‚

Thanks again,


Trace xx


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