Tesco and its gluten free offerings

I, like a number of other people on social media, have noticed a massive improvement in the amount of gluten free options available in Tesco of late, with lots of chatter on Facebook, Twitter etc about how good the products are.

I’m aware that Tesco has often had the monopoly on new products, but recently their own brand stock has improved significantly. This combined with them raising the awareness of their gluten free offerings via their publications and TV advert has been fantastic!

My mum even commented the other day that when she went to the local store in Penzance there were staff throughout the store offering samples of some of their gluten free goodness – it’s great to see this type of instore promotion! 🙂

The last time I visited one of the larger stores in the area, I actually took some photos as I was so impressed with the vast array of options:

I wasn’t aware that their Free From range actually launched back in 2003 (ten years before my diagnosis), but the massive improvement in gluten free availability even over the past 3 years has been significant, so I can’t imagine how scarce options must have been back then. I definitely feel like we don’t do that badly these days, I just wish I lived nearer to a Tesco!

Tesco are trying to raise awareness so much that they are running a #GlutenFreeHelps event next Monday (14th December) in which their team will tweet recipes, tips and product ideas, as well as answer your questions, in preparation for the festive season. Simply use the hashtag #GlutenFreeHelps when sending your messages to @Tesco.

As part of this campaign, Tesco asked me if I would like to review some of their products on my blog and having enjoyed a lot of their products recently, that was an offer I was not able to turn down.

A few weeks later, Tesco kindly sent me a massive gluten free hamper containing a wide variety of products, including some of their Christmas essentials.

The hamper contained: two different varieties of cookies; cherry bakewells; an individual Christmas pudding; mince pies; a Christmas cake; a carrot cake; breadsticks; brownies; millionaire shortbreads; and two bottles of St Peter’s gluten free beer!

The timing was actually quite convenient as the next day was my 1 year work anniversary so I took in the brownies, the ginger cookies and the carrot cake, all of which went down brilliantly.

My personal favourite of the two was the brownies. I’d never tried these before but they tasted amazing and were very moreish! The cookies weren’t to my personal taste as I’m not a massive fan of ginger, although I was coping well until the last bite when there was a lump of ginger!

Since then I’ve also been indulging in some of the cherry bakewells, which are ace and a teatime favourite.

I haven’t yet had the triple chocolate cookies, but I’ve had these numerous times before and actually reviewed them 2 years ago on this very blog!

In addition to the products above, I’ve also recently been indulging in their profiteroles (which are just out of this world), their strawberry and vanilla cones and also their mature cheddar and onion crispbakes, which I have to say are probably my favourite Tesco free from product at the moment!

I’ve hope you’ve found this post useful ahead of the festive season, but if you’d like to find out more about the gluten free offerings from Tesco, you can visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (don’t forget #GlutenFreeHelps next Monday!).

Although Tesco sent me their hamper free of charge, none of the views expressed above have been influenced by this and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’m always very honest when writing product reviews!


1 thought on “Tesco and its gluten free offerings

  1. I am just disappointed that so many of their offerings contain oats or oat flour. As well as gluten I am among those coeliacs who cannot cope with the protein in oats either even ones deemed to be gluten free.

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