The Wheat Free Kitchen – our wedding cake!

Hi everyone, I’m back!!

Sorry for the blog / social media silence for the past few months / year but I’ve been fully engrossed in changing jobs and getting married, but as Rich and I are now Mr and Mrs I thought it was time to get back to the blogging, and what better way to start than with a review of our wedding cake! 🙂

From the start of the wedding planning process, we both agreed that all food at the wedding would be gluten free to avoid the risk of any potential cross contamination issues and to make sure that I wasn’t ill on our big day.

There are quite a few places in Bristol that make gluten free cakes and I got some quotes from these places, as well as asking around for suggestions at work. We also went to a wedding fayre at our wedding venue, and although the sample cakes there were amazing, there was little reassurance from anywhere I’d contacted that they could safely cope with making a gluten free cake.

Cue my lovely friends Gem and Beth at The Wheat Free Kitchen…


You may recall that I’ve previously reviewed some of their gluten free delights (including my beloved pasties!) when I’ve met them at market stalls in the area (the review can be found here), but would they be prepared to make us a wedding cake?

I have to say my correspondence with Gem from the start was absolutely amazing! We were really unsure as to what we wanted as Rich wasn’t massively keen on having a cake at all, so the initial compromise was to have different flavoured cupcakes (I did try to make a case for a cake of pasties but I didn’t win!). The cupcake idea was going well and then we just thought we’d bite the bullet and go for a three tier cake!

Lots more toing and froing ensued and we couldn’t decide on flavours or designs, but Gem was really helpful with putting forward suggestions on both fronts and in the end we opted for a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, white chocolate cigarellos and fresh seasonal fruit.

Here’s a sneak peak…..


All of the communications with The Wheat Free Kitchen were brilliant and they even produced a sample cake (don’t worry only one tier!) so that we could try the flavour in advance, and it was quite simply stunning. I took some into work and my colleagues had no idea that it was gluten free. It was brilliant!

I must admit that although everything was going so well, I was concerned that if it was a hot day that the chocolate may not be a good idea, but once again I was reassured that the ganache would hold it all together. It’s fair to say I was panicking about everything by this point, but I always had faith in Gem and Beth that they would make it perfect.

So, how did it turn out on the day I hear you ask! Check this out…..


2How utterly amazing is this cake!

When I arrived at the venue, Beth was very carefully  putting it all together, but by that point it was already more amazing than I had imagined.

The cake received lots of amazing comments on it’s appearance alone, but once it was presented for the evening reception it received even more.

It was a gorgeous, moist chocolate cake just like we wanted, but oh my those cigarellos really made it!! I need more of them in my life! 🙂

So, in summary, if you’re looking for a gluten free wedding cake, we would strongly recommend Gem and Beth at The Wheat Free Kitchen. They’re fab!!


To find out more about The Wheat Free Kitchen you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


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