Bristol Coeliac Group – Meet Nos. 4 and 5

Coeliac UK Local Bristol Group update

As well as providing you with the lowdown on our latest group outings, I also want to use this post to update you on the Coeliac UK Local Bristol Group that we’re working to reinstate.

At present we have a committee in place and we’ve all signed up to the Coeliac UK constitution. We are now waiting for the go-ahead from Coeliac UK to move things forward, but unfortunately they already had commitments to start other groups during the first part of the year, so until they’re up and running it’s a waiting game for us.

That said, I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made to date to put a committee together and fingers crossed we will hear some more news soon!

Group Outing No. 4

The fourth outing for the ‘Coeliacs in Bristol’ Facebook group back in February, was to Zizzi in Cabot Circus, but after arranging it I ended up not being able to go along! 😦

I’m reliably informed that everyone had a great time and, having been there a lot of times myself (including last week for my pre birthday meal with my work buddies!), I am sure that their food was of their normal high quality.

Group Outing No. 5

Our March outing, which seems so long ago now (apologies for the delay in posting!), was to Riverstation, which had proven a popular choice when I asked for venue suggestions.

I’d only been once before myself and that was to a work Christmas meal a number of years ago, in my pre-Coeliac days, but I had heard that they offered good gluten free options so I was keen to see for myself.

We were asked to pre-order before we visited, and were asked if we would prefer the group menu in the restaurant or the mezze selection in the bar. I tend to play it safe with my food choices so don’t tend to have anything like mezze or tapas, but the options did look good so we all decided to go for the mezze.

There was a smaller group of us at the meal, just the 7 of us, but we’re always seeing new faces which is great.

FB_IMG_1425638266510The service at Riverstation was excellent and once we were all present and correct they promptly served our mezze selection.

As well as the plates of mezze we also had a couple of bowls of chips and some gluten free bread. The food was amazing and it was nice to be able to pick and choose the bits that you wanted to eat, particularly as some people favoured some aspects more than others…! 🙂


I was very impressed that this meal only cost £12.50 per person, or £16.50 with a dessert, as it proved to be good value for money.

I personally didn’t fancy a dessert but the rest of the group did and opted for 3 meringues and 3 chocolate cakes to share between them. Judging by the reactions they were lovely too!!


On behalf of the group, I’d like to thank Riverstation for the excellent food and service.

Our next outing will be the 7th May 2015, when we will be visiting La Grotta on Union Street. Numbers and pre-orders are needed soon, so please keep an eye on the Facebook page for more info!

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