Gluten Free Somerset

logoYou may recall that at the first gathering of the ‘Coeliacs in Bristol’ Facebook group (details here), one of the members that runs her own food business kindly offered us the opportunity to try some of her products.

Mandy runs Gluten Free Somerset and she kindly brought us all a gluten free chocolate and orange cupcake to try, as well as gluten free Battenberg! I love Battenberg so this was very exciting for me! 🙂


Before I give you my review of the cakes, here’s a little bit more about Mandy and her brand, taken from her website:

I have been gluten free for nearly 20 years, back in the days, when gluten-free pizzas were posted to you! 

I have learnt to create my own recipes in my gluten-free kitchen. 

I can make that special occasion, very special. 

Children’s birthday parties, with traditional cakes, like Battenberg, victoria sponge, cupcakes, sausage rolls, quiche, character birthday cakes and so on, just let me know what you require!

DSC05578Chocolate and Orange cupcake

The first thing to mention is that presentation is everything and these cupcakes were presented in their own individual plastic pots (see picture above).

As well as making the cupcakes look very professional (and in my opinion cute!), it also helps when transporting them.

As for the cakes themselves, oh my, they’re amazing. Personally I love a good helping of frosting on a cake and this did not disappoint. I also love the combinations of consistencies with the creamy topping and the chocolate cake.


As for the chocolate buttons on top of the cake, that’s certainly a case of ‘how do you eat yours?!’. I opted for eating them first as an introduction to the cake. There was no way I could be restrained enough to save them until the end! 🙂

Flavourwise, this was spot on with its chocolate orangeyness! I could be wrong as I ate all of the components together, but I believe the orange element is contained within the frosting? Either way, it tasted great!


Oh where to start….. Quite frankly Battenberg is one of the most amazing things in the world for me. I love it! So it was amazing to have the opportunity to try some of Mandy’s freshly made Battenberg.

Mandy had kindly transported the cakes a very long way for us to try, but unfortunately the Battenbergs didn’t seem to cope too well with the journey and had become stuck to their packaging due to the heat. Although this was a shame, I’m pleased to say that it certainly didn’t detract from their taste!

DSC05575As you can see, the individual Battenberg sponge portions were beautifully crafted and very precise in their size.

The cake itself was quite moist, not what I recall ‘normal’ Battenberg tasting like. I think this was down to the marzipan, as I have a recollection of biting through the hard marzipan to get to the moist sponge back in the old days?! This certainly doesn’t detract from the overall amazing taste of these cakes and the fact that I definitely want to have more, only on a bigger scale! 😉

If you’re interested in trying any of Mandy’s creations, her and her stall can be found at Wells Market on a Wednesday and Saturday, so be sure to go and find her.

If you’d like to see what other products she can make, you can find out more on her website. I’ve just been having a look and she can certainly make some very intricate pieces such as for birthdays and weddings. She’s a very talented lady!

If you’d like to find out more including her up to date market information, I’d also suggest checking out her Facebook page.

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