Bristol Coeliac Group – Meet No. 2

You may recall that I’ve been trying to persuade Coeliac UK to re-establish the Bristol Local Group, but when I was advised that they wouldn’t be considering it for the time being I went ahead and set up a Facebook group of coeliacs and gluten free-ers in Bristol. The main purpose of the group is to be social and arrange monthly meet ups, but also with the intention of being able to show Coeliac UK that we mean business (details of our first meet up can be found here).

Well, it worked!

On Tuesday I contacted Coeliac UK again and advised them that we now have our own Bristol Facebook group with over 100 members and a lot of interest in re-establishing the group.

On Thursday I received the following response:

Hello Tracy – thank you for your email.  I have spoken to Miranda Brooks, Head of Volunteering, regarding your email and it has been decided that provided you can help to supply us with the following we will definitely consider opening a Bristol Local Group should there be sufficient interest.

Essentially, from your Facebook followers, we would need from you a minimum of five Members who can help to form a Committee and I would be grateful if you could complete the attached with their names and contact details.

I attach information on Local Group Committees and Roles and Responsibilities together with the latest Local Voluntary Support Group Constitution which all Local Groups must abide by.  I should point out that the three main roles, Group Organiser, Group Secretary and Group Treasurer must be filled for a Local Group to be established.

Once this information has been received we can then start the ball rolling in opening a Bristol Local Group.

So now I’m on a mission! I’ve asked the current members of the Facebook group to DM me their email addresses and I’ve now sent them the attachments referred to in the email. I’ve asked the members to let me know which position they’d be interested in. If you’d like to be involved and would like more information, please head over to the Facebook page.

In the meantime, this great news coincided with our second group outing on Thursday!


This time we decided to go to Carluccio’s, Quakers Friars and due to the size of our group we were required to preorder, which was good as it meant no waiting around and no wrong orders! 🙂

Unfortunately a couple of people couldn’t make it on the day, but we still had 10 people attending, including some new faces which was great.

I decided to have a starter and a main which is quite strange for me, but I knew there was an option to add a dessert on the day if I was still hungry! 🙂

Once we had all arrived, we were presented with some plates of gluten free bread and dipping oil – that hasn’t happened for a while, what a treat! However, I later regretted this when I couldn’t eat all of my main…. oops!


For my starter I had the Prosciutto (thinly sliced long-cured Parma ham with half
a ball of Buffalo mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil) and although it was lovely, it didn’t look particularly appealing….


Some of the other starters looked great though, such as the Bruschetta (fresh ripe tomatoes, roasted peppers, basil and oregano on toasted gluten free bread).


As for the main course, I opted for the Carbonara made from Carluccios’ corn and rice pasta. This was a nice meal, but the sauce was a little lacking and it was quite peppery for my tastes, but I would order it again (this is fortunate really as I ended up having the rest of it for lunch on Friday, as I was kindly given a doggy bag when I couldn’t eat it all)!


Having not been able to eat my main, I was glad that I hadn’t ordered a dessert, but that didn’t stop me drooling when I saw the Dolce Di Cioccolato (a warm chocolate pudding baked with almonds and kahlua and served with vanilla ice cream). Wow, it looked amazing and I’m assured that it tasted amazing too!


We all had a lovely time at Carluccio’s (despite some overcharging confusion) and we’d like to thank them for being very accommodating and for having a brilliant gluten free menu. I’ll definitely be visiting again!

If you’d like to find out more about Carluccio’s gluten free options, check out their website.

Our next meal will be at The Townhouse, Whiteladies Road on Thursday 4th December when we’ll be having a gluten free Christmas meal! If you’d like to come along, please check out the Facebook page for more information.


One thought on “Bristol Coeliac Group – Meet No. 2

  1. I absolutely love Carluccio’s so it was great to read this! In the past, almost every year we’ve been to the Allergy Show in London, we’ve had dinner at Carluccio’s in Russell Square afterwards (pasta giardiniera for me). But they recently opened a new branch in Dorchester, which is pretty close to me (yay!). Ohhh…I love it! Last time we went, I had the antipasti verdure to start and not only was the portion HUGE, it was also incredibly delicious and the first time I’ve not needed ordering to ‘eat my green beans’! ;0)

    Great to see a post promoting the great food they do. :0) And best of luck with setting up the local group! I’m on the committee for the Bournemouth & Poole Group myself. :0)

    Vikki Cook

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