Chirpy Cottage, Somerset

logoAnother local brand I came across on the Somerset Local Food Direct website, is a brand with an amazing logo, Chirpy Cottage! 🙂

Chirpy Cottage are producers of gluten and wheat free products and if you’d like to know more about them, here’s a little bit more information taken from their website:

We supply gluten free/wheat free products, with a choice of sweet and savoury morsels.

All our products are hand-made at our kitchen in the heart of Somerset. We prepare our products using only the finest ingredients and organic wherever possible. We also strive to use only local ingredients in order to reduce the air miles used in bringing our products to you.

Even if you do not have a dietary preference, you are sure to find our products enjoyable.

Are you having friends or family staying who are on a gluten free/wheat free diet and are not sure what to give them? Feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you. We do not simply stick to our usual products which we provide for farmers’ markets and local health shops, we can provide bespoke meals or products for your own tastes and needs. We will also deliver free within a 5 miles radius of Yeovil, Somerset if quantities allow.

I contacted the face behind the brand, Debs, and we arranged to meet up whilst I was in the Yeovil area, where she is based.

Debs has to be one of the nicest people I’ve met and she is also extremely generous, giving me an entire box full of gluten free hand-made goodies!


The main items in the box were: Quiche Lorraine, Roast Veg and Cheddar tart, Roast Veg and Goats Cheese tart, Lemon Tart, Chicken and a Bacon and Mushroom pie.

Quiche Lorraine

Fortunately all of the products freeze brilliantly as even I couldn’t have eating all of them in one go, but I have to say my favourite product is definitely the Quiche Lorraine.

DSC04518I have always been a big fan of quiches and the only gluten free ones I’ve particularly liked up until this point are the ones that my mum makes for me!

This, however, is now up there as being my favourite gluten free quiche on the market.

I’m gutted to not live nearer to Debs to get more of these from the markets she attends!

The pastry is absolutely perfect and thin enough to hold the filling, but not too thick to drown the contents, which I unfortunately found with another quiche I recently purchased.

The filling itself is divine with a lovely taste, I would just always want more bacon, but I think that’s probably because my mum’s always have a lot of bacon! 🙂

Another thing to note is Chirpy Cottage’s portion sizes. They are just great for a snack size treat, which I find much more preferable than the M&S size ones for example. I certainly don’t intend to go back to the M&S ones after having one of these, as you really can notice the home-made difference!

Bacon & Mushroom Pie

Given my dislike of mushrooms, Rich was the lucky recipient of this pie and I think that he was glad that he was, as he loved it!DSC04519

As mushrooms are effectively banned in our house, as I can’t even stand the smell of them, Rich relishes any opportunity in which he can have some, so I knew that this pie would be right up his street.

Unfortunately the top of the pie crumbled slightly on its journey home, but Rich commented that he really enjoyed the pie and that the filling and pastry was all wonderful.

Lemon Tart

Debs did warn me that her Lemon Tart is particularly strong in its lemoness, so I again knew that this would be a good product for Rich to try.

DSC04575Although I like lemon desserts, I can’t handle them too strong, where as Rich prefers them like that.

As you can see we served our tart with some cream, well it just had to be done really…. 🙂

Once again the pastry to filling ratio was spot on. Debs definitely knows her stuff!

The lemon filling did have a strong taste, but this made for a very fresh and appetising dessert.

Roast Veg & Cheddar and Roast Veg & Goats Cheese Tarts

Unfortunately I thought I could spy some mushrooms in these tarts, so as I result I haven’t tried them, so Rich took some to work for his lunch.

DSC04520 DSC04522-2

Once again, both products received a massive thumbs up. Personally I think my favourite would be the goats cheese version, as I love goats cheese and I think it would give a better coverage on the top of the tart.


I think it’s fair to say that we’ve found another top brand in Chirpy Cottage, and a local brand at that!

Unfortunately due to personal taste I haven’t personally tried all of these products, but from a non gluten free person’s perspective, Rich has loved all of the products and never made any comment that he thought that they tasted any different to a ‘normal’ product. That is always the sign of a great gluten free product, so well done Debs!

If you’d like to find out more about Chirpy Cottage, including which events to find them at, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Apologies for the poor pictures in this post, I seem to have mislaid the better ones!


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