Mill Farm Catering, Somerset

cropped-Logo400x100A couple of weeks ago I met up with the lovely Jasmine from Mill Farm Catering and she kindly gave me some samples from her gluten free range.

I came across Mill Farm Catering on the Somerset Local Food Direct website after one of my favourite brands, Wheat Free Kitchen, advised me that some of their products are now stocked on the website.

When I first asked Jasmine if she minded me writing a review of her products she was concerned that Mill Farm Catering was not the type of brand I’d want to review as their products are sold in farm shops, village stores and delis and not supermarkets, but these types of locally produced products, without the fancy packaging, are the exact brands that I want to promote on the blog, otherwise how will anyone ever find out about them? And as for not being available in supermarkets, they certainly should be!

Before I get on with the review, here’s a little more information about Mill Farm Catering:

We offer our clients a bespoke & “tailored to you” service. Whether you are planning a small drinks and canapé party, an informal fork buffet, a formal dinner party for 40 or the most important day of your life; your wedding day, we will offer guidance and consult with you every step of the way, enabling us to design a menu and event that is completely true to you.

We are based in the Somerset Levels, and we happily travel across Somerset, Wiltshire, Devon and Dorset to provide an excellent service to our clients in whatever venue they choose, be it a country manor house, marquee, barn, bus, mud hut or any other weird and wonderful location we have to cook in.

The core team at Mill Farm Catering are Jasmine Edwards and Mark Allen, who between them have over 30 years experience in the catering trade. Jasmine started out as a waitress, quickly moving on to restaurant & hotel management, which took her to the French Alps for a period of time. Always looking to improve herself, she decided to try out the other side of the pass, where she fell in love with cooking and creating dishes that push the boundaries of conventional flavour pairings.

Mark has experience working in every type of kitchen there is, and is very calm-headed when it comes to serving large volumes of people in a short space of time. Since first becoming a Head Chef at the age of 22, his passion has grown for working within the seasons and creating dishes that use local ingredients from the West Country.

Together with a talented team of kitchen and front of house staff, we promise to create an event that you and your friends and family will be talking about for months after.

Jasmine kindly gave me three ready meals to review, 2 main course dishes and a dessert. They were: Cherry Tomato, Olive and Somerset Cheddar Crumble, Beef Tagine with Radishes, Beetroot and Orange Segments and Triple Chocolate Fudge Torte….! 🙂

Each meal comes in a plastic container and is clearly labelled gluten free, as well as any other allergen free depending on the product.

Rich and I decided that we would both try the meals and if either of us had a favourite then we’d have the rest of that meal. So who liked what?!

Cherry Tomato, Olive and Somerset Cheddar Crumble

DSC04545As I’m not a fan of olives I wasn’t sure how I was going to find this product, but I need not of worried!

We weren’t actually sure how to go about cooking this meal initially, so we ended up splitting it into two pie dishes to enable us to have a portion each.

DSC04557 DSC04559

Having never had a savoury crumble before I wasn’t sure if this would work but wow, it was amazing! I will admit that the olives were removed from my portion, but everything else was just divine. I don’t normally even eat whole tomatoes as I’m not a fan of the texture, but it worked so well within this meal and the cheesy, crumbly topping ‘topped’ it off perfectly! 🙂

Beef Tagine with Radishes, Beetroot and Orange Segments


Now this meal certainly sounded very different, and indeed it was!

The combined tastes in this meal were a little too strong for me, but Rich absolutely loved it! For him the flavours and textures were just perfect as he likes to experiment with flavours, but unfortunately I’m reluctant to do so, so I tend to prefer more straightforward flavour combinations.

DSC04550 DSC04556

Mill Farm Catering certainly have their portion sizes sussed as both meals were perfect for an individual serving, although I think in future Rich would serve the tagine with a side to soak up some of the sauce.

Triple Chocolate Fudge Torte


If there was ever going to be one dish that was going to be my outright favourite, it was clearly going to be the Torte! I’m sure Jasmine would have expected the same outcome when she saw my face light up on seeing it for the first time! 🙂

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that this has to be the best gluten free dessert, ever! It is absolutely amazing!

DSC04562 DSC04564

It has a cheesecake type base and oodles of chocolate (milk, dark and white!) 🙂 The instructions suggest serving with double cream or ice cream, and yes I probably should have tried this, but I ended up just eating as it was. Be warned though, it is extremely rich, so even I couldn’t manage all of it in one go!

At only £2.98 per portion on the Somerset Local Food Direct website, I will definitely be buying this again!

Fortunately I think I’m just within the catchment area to order from Somerset Local Food Direct, but if you’re in the Somerset area then you definitely can, so why not give them a go?!

I’ve been viewing some of Mill Farm Catering’s other products on the website and I particularly like the look of their Lasagne Al Forno, Lamb Mousakka and all of their desserts (including Sticky Toffee and Banana Pudding and Rice Pudding with home-made Jam)! Yummy!

The absolute bonus is that all of their meals can also be frozen for up to 6 months! Now where’s that spare freezer….?!

If I needed caterers for an event and needed a brilliant gluten free service, I would certainly be confident that Mill Farm Catering could deliver just that!

If you’d like to find out more about Mill Farm Catering you can visit their website or follow them on Twitter.


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