Coeliac UK Birmingham Group – Gluten Free Food Fair

gluten-free-food-fairAfter missing out on this year’s Allergy Show, myself and @carriesquair decided to go to the Coeliac UK Birmingham Group Food Fair which was held yesterday in Sutton Coldfield.

One of the main reasons for going was that there was going to be gluten free fish and chips, but we also thought it would be great to see some of our Twitter friends and some amazing gluten free brands!

We arrived at the venue not long after the doors had opened and there was a massive queue outside! This was obviously going to be one very busy food fair!

Once we’d paid our £1 entry fee and had our hands stamped we headed straight into
the main venue and over to our friends at PERK!ER. It was lovely to see Ann again and it was also great to win some PERK!ER prizes – yay!perkierWhilst chatting to Ann I spied our lovely twitter friend @gfandfabulous over on the Newburn Bakehouse stand. Neither Carrie or I had met Steph before, but I instantly recognised her and we went over for a chat! 🙂

twitter buddies

When Twitter worlds collide! @tracyattridge @carriesquair @gfandfabulous

Once we’d finished chatting with Steph we thought we better go and check out the other exhibitors! Here’s my round-up of the best:

Christine’s Puddings

DSC04425I absolutely adore everything that Christine’s Puddings produce, but yet I still haven’t written a blog review about them!

This selection of goodies are definitely going to be reviewed as Christine’s Puddings are one of my favourite brands and they deserve the recognition! 🙂

As you can see from the photo, I came away with a sticky toffee pudding, leek and potato tart, raspberry frangipane, treacle tart and sweet pastry cases. I’ve had a few of these products before and I can’t wait to have them again!

Melsie Jane Bakes

DSC04446I’m sure I’ve come across this brand before at other food fairs, but I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from them. I did on this occasion though, when I saw that they had battenburg!

This is where the #overexcitedcoeliac surfaced! 😉

Unfortunately these pictures don’t do it justice and the battenburg didn’t make it home in one piece, but I am truly excited at the prospect of gluten free battenburg!


DSC04415I’ve already mentioned that we visited PERK!ER, but as well as winning some goodies I also stocked up on some of my favourite golden syrup porridge pots!

I’m also excited to try the oat free porridge which I’ve never tried before 🙂

Voakes Pies

DSC04419I’ve met Voakes Pies before but I’d never tried any of their products and that is because, quite frankly, I’m stupid! I’ve really been missing out!

If you saw my Twitter page last night you’ll see that I’ve already had the sausage roll – OMG! I knew I should have bought more!

Yipee Foods

DSC04431Again, my poor photos aren’t going to do this brand justice as the journey back to Bristol was a long, hot one, but if these cakes taste as good as they smell I will be very happy!

I also bought a cheese and onion quiche from this brand which I’ll probably be having for lunch! 🙂

There were a lot of other brands present at the show, but I tried to be good and stick to my budget, not that you’d think that…..

Do you think I came away with enough goodies?! Tim was certainly interested! 🙂


One of the highlights of the day, as had been anticipated, was the gluten free fish and chips! It was served from a fish and chip van to the side of the venue and it was very popular!

At £6.50 a portion it seemed quite expensive to me, but I was still going to get some!


I heard comments from some visitors yesterday saying they didn’t know the food fair was happening until a few days earlier, so if this had been advertised better it would have been huge!

Having said that, the food fair was still a great success so well done to all involved! Personally I think a Birmingham based Allergy Show would be the way forward as Birmingham seems to be the perfect location for a lot of people and there is certainly the demand for it.

Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Carrie for the company yesterday, I had an excellent day. Fortunately we have a few weeks to work off the food before we head to Bootycamp together!


Did anyone else go along yesterday? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Coeliac UK Birmingham Group – Gluten Free Food Fair

  1. Reblogged this on 101wayswithchocolate and commented:
    This was a great post and testiment to why local food fairs are so popular. I would invite you to come to ours in Bournemouth next year (another long, hot journey!), but just recently it was decided we wouldn’t have one (Booo!!). Will keep reading your blog for more. Oh, and P.S – I agree about Christine’s Puddings. Chris is lovely and my GOD that frangipane tart, heated and with ice cream?!!? Nothing better!
    Vikki –

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