Newburn Bakehouse – Dairy Free Seeded Wraps

newburn logoNewburn Bakehouse contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I’d be interested in trying an exciting new product and of course I jumped at the chance!

DSC04334I had no idea what the product was until it arrived in the post and it turned out to be a new and improved version of their seeded wraps. As well as now coming in packs of 4 rather than 3, they are now also dairy free. 🙂

I first reviewed this product last year (you can read the review here) and I regularly use the wraps as pizza bases, but would I notice a substantial difference between the old version and the new dairy free version?

In short, no!

I once again used the wraps as bases and this time I made some chorizo, rocket, pepper and onion pizzas.

DSC04335 DSC04337

The only slight difference I noticed between these wraps and the previous version was that they seemed to work better as pizza bases as they didn’t go soggy underneath, which it’s been known to do in the past.


Whether this is a coincidence as maybe the cooking time was different or the amount of sauce was less I’m not sure, but if this is as result of the new wrap, then it would suggest that they’d also be better for using as wraps as they may hold the ingredients and juices better?

If you’re keen to try the wraps as pizza bases I suggest you look on the Newburn Bakehouse website for some recipe ideas, including some from myself which can be found here. They’d also be great for fajitas and enchiladas!

If you’d like to find out more about Newburn Bakehouse, you can visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

Have you tried the new dairy free seeded wraps? What did you think? Please leave your comments below! 🙂


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