My Gluten Free Cornish Birthday Celebrations!


As part of my birthday celebrations last month, Rich and I went back to Cornwall to visit my family, and on my actual birthday we spent some time visiting St Michael’s Mount and Marazion.

First up was our trip to St Michael’s Mount.

To most local folk who have been away, you know you’re home when you see St Michael’s Mount on the horizon. It’s certainly been a tearjerker for me when I haven’t been home for a while!

Rich had never visited the Mount himself so I was keen for him to visit and take in the beautiful scenery. For those not familiar with St Michael’s Mount, there are two ways main ways to get there (unless you fancy swimming!) and those are by boat or by foot across the causeway. Obviously there are only certain times when the causeway is accessible due to the tide so I made sure we visited during these times, as I’m not a massive fan of boats myself….


On our arrival the first thing we did was make our way to the Island Café. Not convinced there’d be much available on the gluten free front I had resigned myself to just having a drink, but I was delighted to be told that there was one piece of gluten free cake left and it was a lovely looking lemon cake (we’d got there at 9.30am so it’s lucky we didn’t get there any later otherwise there wouldn’t have been any options).


The lemon cake went down very well with my hot chocolate, although it had obviously been left in the fridge overnight as it was still a little chilly…. It tasted lovely though and I was very pleased to have had the option of a cake available to me. Hopefully when I visit again in the future there will be some more choice. 🙂

DSC03860Having not visited St Michael’s Mount myself for a number of years (probably not since school) I was very keen to visit the gardens again, but I wasn’t so keen on visiting the castle itself on this occasion, so once finished in the café we made our way around the gardens.

Disappointingly we were visiting the gardens on only the second day of the season, so a lot of plants were still being planted making it a little sparse. I’d love to go back when they’re in full bloom as I have no doubt that they’ll look stunning, especially with the idyllic scenery surrounding them!

Once finished in the gardens we had a stroll around the harbour and the gift shop before making our way back across the causeway to Marazion.

A friend had told me that there was a lovely deli in Marazion that had gluten free options, but I had no idea where it was! We went for a stroll up the high street and in the distance, after convincing myself we’d walked too far, I saw a sign for a deli.


Delicious is described as being ‘a well equipped locally sourced delicatessen with lots of lovely, home-made and freshly prepared goodies. We will specialise in the best of Cornish fine foods, wines, speciality teas and coffees, gift hampers and a fantastic array of deliciously naughty cakes, soups, warming stews and lots of yummy sandwiches’.

The menu in the window clearly stated that gluten free options, as well as gluten free bread, were available so we went in to have a look. As well as having some gluten free frittata, I was particularly excited to see that they had gluten free rolls.

After much deliberation as to what filling to have, I finally opted for the chicken and goats cheese gluten free roll. I’d never considered putting chicken and goats cheese together before, so I thought I’d give it a go. Meanwhile, Rich ordered a Mediterranean vegetable and houmous baguette for himself.

Although the deli has a few tables to enable you to sit in and eat your meal, unfortunately all the seats were taken when we arrived, but as it was a lovely sunny day we didn’t mind waiting outside while our lunches were freshly prepared.

We waited about 15 minutes for our meals to be prepared, but as we knew that they were being freshly made this wasn’t a problem and once we received our meals we were even less concerned about the wait….

We made our way back to the middle of Marazion to the seating area opposite St Michael’s Mount and this was where we unveiled our meals. Although my roll was quite small in comparison to Rich’s baguette it was jam-packed with filling!


DSC03930I have to say that without doubt, this was the best gluten free roll I’ve ever had! The roll itself was gorgeous, slightly warm and the ingredients in the filling complimented each other perfectly. The whole thing was utterly divine. I really wish I didn’t live so far away! 😦

Rich also commented that his non gluten free baguette was also one of the best that he’s ever had. Having just discussed it again to write this review, he’s reiterated just how much he loved it! He said that the baguette itself was great and combined with the lovely filling it was perfect.

Big thumbs up Delicious, you’re amazing! 🙂

Although we were full to the brim after our lunch, there was one more place that I had to visit before heading back to see my parents… the one and only Jelberts!

If you’re familiar with Penzance or Newlyn you will have no doubt heard about Jelberts, but if not, I can confirm that they make the best ice cream ever!

DSC03938Run from a small shop in Newlyn they have a large ‘tank’ of plain ice cream which you can buy in a tub or a cone, with a flake and / or wafers and the best bit…. you can also add a massive helping of clotted cream!

Simple as that! No massive array of flavours or toppings, they’re just not needed!

Jelberts is so well-loved that as well as going home with tubs for myself and Rich, I also got some for my mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law and my neighbour, as I knew I’d be throttled if I didn’t! 😉DSC03936

This was the perfect way to round off my birthday before a family meal in the evening. The start of the last year of my twenties wasn’t so bad after all! 😉

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