The Store Cupboard, Bristol

store cupboard logo30th March 2014 – At the recent Love Food Festival at The Paintworks, Bristol I was delighted to unexpectedly came across a lady I’d met at the recent gluten free cookery demonstration at River Cottage! Even more surprising for me was that she had her own stall at the festival!

Maggie owns and runs The Store Cupboard which sells a selection of preserves (including numerous types of marmalade), pork pies (both gluten free and ‘normal’) and other sweet treats. 🙂

DSC03625 DSC03622

I decided to buy some of Maggie’s gluten free pork pies and she kindly gave me one of her small jars of Traditional Seville Orange Marmalade to try too!

DSC03630As a coeliac herself Maggie knows what to look for in a good gluten free product and she certainly doesn’t disappoint with her gluten free pork pies….

DSC03669       DSC03673

The pies most certainly look like pork pies, as you can see from the photos above, but what’s even better is that they taste like pork pies, and amazing ones at that! I’d go so far as saying that these are the best gluten free pork pies that I’ve had and they’re locally made which is even better! 🙂

As you can see below, the filling to pastry ratio is perfect and the pie is also well seasoned. I sometimes find that pies skimp a little on the filling, but Maggie certainly doesn’t do this with her pork pies!

DSC03674I’m pleased to report that Maggie’s Traditional Seville Orange Marmalade is also gorgeous. It has a stronger taste than I would normally look for in a marmalade but this just means that I use less of it and it lasts longer!

4th May 2014 – Rich and I headed into town yesterday to check out the Bristol Connections City Centre Festival which was taking place in and around the harbourside. I was extremely delighted to see the lovely Maggie and her The Store Cupboard stall in the Love Food Producers Market tent!

Look what I bought this time! (there were 3 pork pies but one’s already gone…) 🙂


Maggie let me try a sample of a lemon and lime curd combo that she’d made and it was divine, so I couldn’t resist buying the individual jars. She suggested that I use them with some natural yoghurt to make a dessert and that sounds like a brilliant idea!

I stocked up on more pork pies as I have a busy week ahead and thought they’d be a great lunch option. They’re also freezeable so next time I might buy even more! 🙂

It was so lovely to see Maggie again and if you do have the opportunity to meet her you will see that she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!

I don’t believe that The Store Cupboard has a website as yet, but if you’d like more information about the brand, including when Maggie will next be at some food festivals, please leave any comments below and I will pass them on to her.


6 thoughts on “The Store Cupboard, Bristol

  1. My wife must eat a gluten and wheat free diet. I must get her some of those pork pies! Where can I find The Store Cupboard in South Bristol?

  2. Could Maggie please Email me about voucher for The Store Cupboard that I won during The Windmill Hill Arts Trail. Thank you.

  3. My Email address is: Would be grateful if Maggie could contact me re a voucher that I won for The Store Cupboard, during the autumn Arts Trail. Suzie Rajah told me that I had won and gave me an Email address for Maggie which does not seem to be correct, as I have had no response so have been unable to arrange to collect. Many, many thanks.
    Ann Nash

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