Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies – Part 3

logoThe first product review on Not A Trace was of Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies who still remain one of, if not my favourite brownie producer!

After my first review, I went on to write a follow up review in July when I came across Fair & Square at another local food festival and discovered that they had produced some new flavours that just had to be reviewed.

Well, here they are again! I discovered a few months ago that the lovely Sarah would be bringing her brownies back to Bristol with her attendance at the Love Food Festival. The date went straight in my diary as I didn’t want to miss out on gluten free brownies!

In case you missed the background info on Fair & Square, here’s some information about them, taken from their website:

I’m Sarah and I bake Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies from my kitchen in the middle of the beautiful Cotswold countryside. 

I love to bake and for years I’ve searched for the perfect brownie; the epitomy of chocolate heaven! I’ve always been curious about the range of recipes and varying preferences. To me, the perfect brownie is one which exudes richness, is full of moreish moistness and leaves you feeling totally satisfied! I’ve finally found that recipe and am so glad I can share it. 

Good food is important, but so is thinking a little deeper about where ingredients come from and the conditions in which they are made.

At The Fairtrade Kitchen I’ve set out to do three very important things:

Make delicious, luxury brownies using ethically sourced ingredients. All our chocolate, cocoa and sugar is Fairtrade and our eggs are always free range.

I always bake brownies freshly to order, never using any artificial preservatives or flavourings, just natural extracts, fruits or nuts.

I don’t believe in wasteful packaging. It’s all about the brownies so you’ll never be burdened with wasteful wrappers; you can even re-use the box if you wish!

I arrived at the festival at Paintworks, Bristol just before opening so I loitered for a little bit as I didn’t want to be the first one through the door – that always feels a little embarrassing! 🙂

Despite lots of stalls being available I made my way straight to Sarah both to have a catch up and to see what new flavours she had.

It was lovely to stand and have a gossip and during this time I had my usual deliberations as to which flavours to buy! I know that Rich is a fan of the plain, original brownies so I knew I had to get one of these, and I’m a big fan of the raspberry ones, both of which I’ve previously reviewed.

DSC03654In respect of new flavours, Sarah had two new brownie versions, Vanilla Cheesecake and Banoffee! They both looked yummy so of course I bought one of each! 🙂

These weren’t the only goodies I purchased at the Love Food Festival including products from The Wheat Free Kitchen, The Store Cupboard, Marden Bakery and Rib Street and these will all be the subject of their own reviews 🙂

Once back at home I realised quite how much food (and particularly cakes) I’d bought….DSC03627

But it wasn’t long before I was tucking into a brownie….

The plain and raspberry brownies tasted as good as ever and the first of the new flavours to be tasted was the Banoffee.

DSC03706 DSC03707

The original brownie flavouring is perfectly complemented by the gorgeous caramel running through it. The brownie also included chunks of banana, which didn’t quite work as well as it could have done for me. I would have preferred to have had the banana sliced into smaller pieces, as the slices of banana were just too chunky for me which I felt then detracted from the overall texture. Rich also tried this brownie and had the same opinions regarding the banana.

I could have quite happily eaten this brownie minus the banana element. The caramel is so flavoursome, smooth and generally divine that I don’t like seeing it being overshadowed by the banana, so I think a caramel brownie is the way forward! 😉

As for the Vanilla Cheesecake brownie, this to me tasted very similar to the original brownie but with a lovely smooth topping. I couldn’t particularly notice any differentiation in flavour between the two elements, but it was still a very enjoyable brownie.

DSC03705 DSC03708

I love trying out Fair & Square’s new flavours and I’m always wondering what flavours I’d like to see. Raspberry and White Chocolate will always be a favourite, but I’d like the idea of Orange and Rocky Road style versions. Mmmm…..

If you would like to try some Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies for yourself, you can find them at the following markets:

Farmers Markets

Cheltenham: 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

Stow on the Wold: Second Thursday of the month

Stroud: Second Saturday of the month.

Cirencester: Second and fourth Saturday of the month.

Swindon: Havelock Square, 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

They will also be attending various larger events through the year and will post details as they come up or you can keep up to date on their Facebook page.

If you’d like to find out more information about Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies, including how to buy their products, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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