Happy Birthday ‘Not A Trace’!!

On the 3rd April 2013 I set up my Not A Trace gluten free blog as an outlet for me to share my views on gluten free products and venues. Exactly one year later and it has had more than 14,000 views – for a little blog I’m quite proud of that figure!

I was fortunate that when I started my blog I had just left a permanent job in order to return to auditing, so I had the time to concentrate on setting up the blog and making sure that it had enough posts to make it relatively self-sufficient as I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to it as much when I was back at work.

It turned out that I actually had 6 months out of work (not quite the plan), but I loved every minute of being able to work on Not A Trace and having the opportunity to build up a following on Facebook, Twitter and through subscriptions to the blog itself.

I’ve made so many friends through both the blog and social media and to be able to physically meet some of these people in person has been really great. One of them even got to spend a weekend with me at Bootycamp! 😉

My original reason for setting up the blog was to help people new to living a gluten free lifestyle, by providing them with helpful reviews and information, in the same way that some of my fellow bloggers helped me when I was first diagnosed. I hope my blog has gone some way to achieving that and will continue to do so.

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to my family and friends for supporting me with the blog, and specifically to Rich for giving me the push to do it in the first place!

Thanks all,

Tracy x

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