Meluha, Bristol – Thirty Minute Menu Review

hi-res-first-day-230Last Friday I was invited along to the launch of Meluha’s new Thirty Minute Menu which is great for lunch, after work and pre-theatre.

At just £10 for two courses, but with all of the food served to Meluha’s extremely high standard, I just had to give it a go!

Unfortunately Rich wasn’t able to come with me due to work so I invited my close friend Mary along with me and this was to be her first experience of Meluha!

On our arrival at Meluha we were greeted by the lovely Rebecca, who I hadn’t seen for at least 8 months, so it was lovely to have a catch up. When we were the given a glass or orange juice, although there was also the option of bubbly if you didn’t have to get back to work, before being seated in the waiting area.DSC03128

After a few minutes of chatting we were then also treated to a cocktail or in my case a mocktail! As ever Rebecca was on top of the glutenfreeness and went to check that I could drink it. There was an element that I couldn’t have so a fresh one was made just for me. 🙂

The mocktail was called Kamasutra (!) which was watermelon juice with spices and spherification of basil. It tasted absolutely amazing and very impressive even without the alcohol element.

Meluha has always been great at producing gluten free offerings for me (my other reviews can be found here and here) and they didn’t let me down with this menu either!

DSC03161         DSC03160

As you can see the menu is beautifully designed in the traditional Meluha colours and designs and includes a selection of lunch options that you will not find anywhere else! Described as ‘a lighter taste of Meluha’ these options are designed to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the full a la carte menu.

The menu also includes a ‘Lunch to Go’ section which includes Naanwiches! I totally want to try one of these in the future if they’re available in gluten free versions. The chicken tikka one sounds delicious!

Quite a few of the main menu options looked quite spicy for my tastes, but as all the food is cooked to order they will happily reduce the spice levels and from past experiences they know that this is a must for me!

I decided to go for the Green and Divine as this looked very intriguing and not something I would normally have chosen. The dish was described as ‘a Goan chicken speciality, marinated overnight with home made green spices, cooked in the tandoor, served with cumin lentil mashed rice, dehydrated banana kaya and a cilantro & coriander lollipop’. How amazing does that sound?!

Rebecca knew that I was in a bit of a hurry so she took our order and then showed Mary and I to a table once our food was ready.

DSC03129As you will see the menu included an Amuse Bouche option (which apparently means a bite size, intensely flavoured course pre-selected by the chef). Mary was given the menu option of Crème De Coriander and I had an alternative option which I believe was ginger flavoured.

The flavour really was intense, but it was a good introduction as to what was to follow!

When the main courses arrived they DSC03132looked as spectacular as ever. Now I’d expected this, but having never been to Meluha before, Mary didn’t, so it was great to see the look on her face! 🙂

The flavour combinations on my plate were just sublime, although I wasn’t such a fan of the cilantro and coriander lollipop (which was very much like a savoury ice cream), purely as I didn’t like the hot to cold option on my plate.

DSC03136One thing I haven’t yet mentioned is that the main courses also come with Popping Chocolate Baby Naans, Garlic Butter Naans and a Pink Peppercorn Raita.

As my naans needed to be gluten free mine were cooked first and as a result I ended up with massive ones, and I certainly wasn’t going to complain! 😉

As ever, Meluha’s gluten free naans were amazing, and although I didn’t have the chocolate filling in my sweet naan it was still the most amazing naan I have ever tasted in my life (and I kept telling everyone that afterwards!). My naan was simply coated in honey, but oh my, it was divine. I could eat them all day, everyday – truly amazing! Yes, I quite liked it!

The garlic butter version was also amazing, and if I could recreate a garlic bread at home that was that good I would be very happy!

Time was getting quite tight by now, but we didn’t realise we still had dessert to follow and we were the lucky ones to be served first, which also resulted in being surrounded by all of the staff as none of them knew what would happen next!DSC03137

Chef Stephen Gomes personally came to our table to set up our dessert and very artistically began mixing flavours on the tray that would be the base for our dessert.

DSC03138We were then presented with some chocolate that was encased in some edible plastic – yes, edible plastic, which we advised to put in our mouths whole. This was quite an experience as the edible plastic made for popping candy and an amazing, yet peculiar sensation that really worked!

Chef Stephen then came back from the kitchen with a very large chocolate ball and smashed it on to the decorated tray, much to everyone’s delight!DSC03139

The ball opened to present a variety of individually flavoured ice creams.

These, along with the accompanying popping candy, really did produce the most amazing textures, flavours and sensations.

I’ve since been informed that our dessert was actually a sneak preview of a special menu which will be introduced later in the year, so I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to try it first! Thanks guys! 🙂

DSC03159Unfortunately I had to leave straight after dessert, but on leaving we were also presented with some biscuits from the Four Biscuit Selection. These were a little gift for Rich as unfortunately they weren’t gluten free. Hopefully this’ll be something I can have next time…. 😉

As ever, I had an amazing meal at Meluha and would most definitely recommend both this Thirty Minute Menu and their normal menu to everyone. Their food is quite literally divine and they will go out of their way to make sure that dietary requirements are catered for, which is great to see! Thank you again Meluha!

For more information on Meluha, please visit their website ( and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter (@MeluhaBristol).


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