River Cottage Canteen – Gluten Free Cookery Demo

image001On Wednesday 26th February I will be attending a gluten free cookery demo courtesy of River Cottage Canteen and I can’t wait! 🙂

River Cottage Canteen Bristol has introduced a series of cookery demos, based on the River Cottage HQ’s cookery classes. The taster sessions, which started earlier this month feature some of the classics, with chocolate, bread and fish all on the menu.

‘These events are great fun and offer a genuine insight into the way we cook,’ says River Cottage founder Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. ‘They also give a tempting taste of what people can expect on the more in-depth cookery courses at River Cottage HQ’.

Guests will be treated to coffee and tasty samples as they watch the chef at work, River-Cottage-Canteen-Chocolate-demo-6learning the basics from how to perfect their dough to filleting a fish and curing meat, followed by a delicious two course seasonal lunch included in the ticket price of £30.

The cookery demos take place on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 – 11.30am followed by lunch. They run over consecutive weeks, so guests can try their hand at more than one and those wishing to take things further can book onto one of the full day courses at River Cottage HQ.

Venue Information

If you’re not familiar with the River Cottage Canteen Bristol, here’s a little bit more information for you:

St John’s Court Hall, a Grade-II listed 19th Century church building on Whiteladies Road, is home to the River Cottage Canteen in Bristol.

Building on the success of Axminster and its award-winning successor in Plymouth, River Cottage re-creates its unique food offering in this wonderfully restored church hall in the Clifton area of Bristol.

The canteen offers freshly prepared seasonal, local, organic and wild food, on a regularly changing menu, served in the relaxed ambience of the restaurant.

The restaurant is managed by Bristolian Sarah Kieck, bringing her local knowledge and experience of running restaurants in Bristol.  The Head Chef is Mark Stavrakakis, who has worked for Bell’s Diner, Goldbrick House and Ocean Cafe in Bristol.

Cookery Demonstration Information

Back to the cookery demonstration and here’s more information about the course that I will be attending:

Gluten Free – Wednesday 26th February

Gluten free cooking is becoming hugely popular and something the chefs at River Cottage know all about. This demo will explain the best alterative ingredients to gluten based products and why they work well in a given recipe. Guests will learn how to cook a polenta cake, sample one that has just been made and leave with a recipe to try at home.

There are still spaces available on this course so if you’d like to attend you can book by calling the River Cottage Bristol Canteen on 0117 973 2458 or by emailing bristolcanteen@rivercottage.net 🙂

Hopefully I’ll see you there, but if you can’t make it then I suggest that you keep an eye on my blog as a full review will follow! 🙂

Below is some information about the other cookery demonstrations being run by River Cottage Canteen Bristol. If you are interested in booking on to any of these, please use the same contact details as listed above:

Fish – Wednesday 5th March

Sustainable fishing is synonymous with River Cottage’s ethos and a hugely important part of how the chefs source the fish on the menu. The cookery demo will start with making a simple Pollock Ceviche, followed by a demonstration on gutting and filleting a Mackerel and curing it ready for the hot smoker. Chef will then prepare a flat fish, creating fish parcels before the group samples the Ceviche and Mackerel. Guests will leave with a recipe for Pollock Ceviche to try at home.

Smoking and Curing – Wednesday 12th March

The smoking and curing session will focus on cure mixes and the use of salt as well as looking at different types of wood and the kit needed for smoking your own meat at home. Guests will learn techniques involved in dry curing bacon and hot smoking meats. There will be a selection of delicious cured meats to try and guests will leave with a recipe for making their own bacon to try at home.

Chocolate – Wednesday 19th March

You will watch how to make ganache, infusing the cream with different flavours that you may never have thought to put together. Chef will also demonstrate tempering chocolate and make petit fours and chocolate mendiants, a traditional French confection. You will all be able to tuck into the chocolate treats at the end of the session and will leave with a recipe for thyme and orange infused ganache to try at home.

Bread – Wednesday 26th March

In true River Cottage style, the bread making demo focuses on sour dough and soda bread. The session will begin by looking at how you make a sour dough starter. The process for making the dough will be explained before tasting the freshly baked loaf itself. Learn how to make quick and delicious soda bread and how to form different shaped loaves. The group session finishes with sharing dips and freshly made flat breads. You will leave with a recipe for soda bread to try at home.

To find out more about the River Cottage Canteen Bristol, you can visit their website www.rivercottage.net/canteens/Bristol and you can also follow them on Twitter @bristolcanteen

NB: The River Cottage Canteen Bristol can be found near the top of Whiteladies Road and the full address is as follows: River Cottage Canteen, St John’s Court, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2QY.


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