Selfridges Food Hall

DSC02816Just before Christmas I was fortunate to have some time to myself whilst in London for work, so I thought I’d make the most of this time by paying a visit to Selfridges (who wouldn’t?!).

I’d heard that they had some great gluten free options in their Food Hall, so after getting distracted by handbags and makeup, I made my way there.

I visited the bakery section first, and initially didn’t think that they had any gluten free offerings, as I was looking for a small section on the end, but I was delighted that they actually had quite a big free from section. The large variety of delights were separated from the ‘normal’ cakes with glass dividers, which was great to see.

It was really difficult to decide which cake to have, but I eventually opted to buy a Black Forest Gateaux for myself and a Lemon Sponge cake for Rich.

DSC02810It was really difficult not to eat my cake (or Rich’s!) before I got back to Bristol, but I just about managed it ;). Instead we had them the following evening and as tempting as it was to have some of Rich’s, I stuck to my gateaux.

Feedback on the lemon sponge was very positive and as you can see from the photograph, it certainly looked spectacular. The moist sponge was sandwiched together with a large portion of fresh cream and I wished that I’d had this one instead!

Unfortunately I was less impressed with my gateaux as it was a little bit too rich for me. As well as having chocolate sponge, it was also coated in a layer of chocolate, which just pushed the boundary for me. This was a shame as I’ve always loved chocolate gateaux and the cream and sauce in the middle was excellent, but most of the cake was eaten by Rich. Yes, he did well on this one!


Fortunately I didn’t lose out entirely as I also bought some quiches from the deli, which is also located in the Food Hall. I bought a Roasted Pepper Quiche as well as a Quiche Lorraine. There were lots of other gorgeous looking items in the deli including pasta and pork pies, but I was concerned about the state they’d be in by the time I got home and it was also the week that we were having a new kitchen fitted, so storage of such items would’ve been difficult!

DSC02767I have to admit that these quiches were absolutely divine and if I’m in London at any point again soon, I will definitely be buying more!

The pastry was just perfect, something which we all know is quite difficult to achieve with gluten free pastry, and the contents of both were also divine. My only negative is that they just weren’t big enough ;).


I wish I lived nearer to London to visit Selfridges more often, but also so that I was able to try out some of the other amazing gluten free venues that I’ve heard so much about, but hopefully other the coming months I can try out a few more!

To find out more about Selfridges you can visit their website ( or follow their Food Hall on Twitter (@SelfridgesFood).

If you’ve tried any gluten free products from Selfridges I’d love to hear your views. Please leave a comment below 🙂


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