Guest Blog Post: The Tea Room, St Ives, Cornwall

This guest blog post is courtesy of the lovely Steph, aka @gfandfabulous in the Twitter and blogging world!

Steph lives in my home county of Cornwall, very near to where I grew up, and she kindly offered to review a venue that she’d recently visited. Here’s her review:

tea roomsLike many holidaymakers and Cornish folk alike, I love St Ives. I love the beach, the sea, the artisan food producers, the people and the art scene. It’s impossible to feel anything but serene sitting outside in St Ives with a cuppa or an ice cream. OK, so there are a few ‘friendly’ local seagulls that like to try and kiss your skull with their sharp beak but apart from that it’s a lovely little town!

St Ives was always my ‘go to’ day out destination before I was diagnosed and, to be honest, it still is. The town is quite well known for being a little bit more worldly than some other parts of Cornwall due to the influx of tourists during the summer season. There are a few places I’ve been to try out various gluten-free offerings in St Ives but my favourite, by a Cornish country mile, is The Tea Room.

This dinky little café is positioned perfectly on the harbour with stunning views out over the beach and town. Whether it’s the middle of a July heatwave or piddling down with rain in November the views are simply stunning. A massive part of The Tea Room’s charm for me is the location.

The staff are knowledgeable about various dietary requirements and I didn’t even have to ask any questions to our server as the blackboard menu was complete with a “GF available” key next to about 75% of the dishes. Impressive for such a small establishment. In fact, impressive for any establishment!

My other half and I had the same thing but mine was obviously a gluten free version: bacon, tomato and Davidstow cheddar tart. It was easy to tell them apart when the server brought them out because, as most of us know, gluten free pastry tends to be much paler than regular pastry. But colour isn’t important and the tart was divine. The pastry case had a lovely crisp to it and held the filling without having a soggy bottom! (Be honest, you pictured Mary Berry just now, didn’t you?)

For comparison of the same dish my other half tried a bite of my tart – not with his big glutened fork though – and really liked it. I think he was surprised by how nice it was, as most gluten-eaters are when they try out GF alternatives.

Between the quality of the food, the great service and knowledge of staff, and the stunning location of The Tea Room I highly recommend it to you should you find yourself in St Ives. It’s not all about lunch as they offer a selection of cakes to have with a beautifully infused cup of Tregothnan tea. This is another Cornish company based on the outskirts of Truro and grows and produces all of their own tea (they can be found on Twitter @Tregothnan if you’d like further information).

The Tea Room has something for everyone, regardless of dietary requirement but is especially comforting if you do have to avoid gluten. Sit back, enjoy the view and savour every last bite!

For more information about The Tea Room, you can visit their website (, but you can also find them on Twitter (@tearoomstives) and Facebook (

Wow! Thank you very much Steph for a wonderful review. The next time I’m in St Ives I know where I’ll be heading!

If you’d like to read more reviews and recommendations from Steph, you can find her at and on Twitter (@gfandfabulous).

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