Thornleys Tuna & Pasta Bake and Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe Mixes


This post is a continuation of my first product review of the Thornleys gluten free range of mixes, which can be found here.

This review focuses on the Tuna & Pasta Bake and Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe Mixes.

As with most of the Thornleys mixes, the additional ingredients required for both of these recipes are standard ingredients which you may already have, or are easily obtainable. Yet another reason why these mixes are so great!

DSC02510Tuna & Pasta Bake Recipe Mix

First up we have the Tuna & Pasta Bake Recipe Mix. I regularly make this meal for myself, but without any form of sauce, so I was intrigued to see if the sauce would add value to the meal.

All that’s needed for this meal in addition to the mix is milk, sweetcorn, tuna and pasta, with cheese to top it off :).

I decided to follow the exact recipe shown on DSC02512the back of the packet to ensure a fair review, but you can always add some extra ingredients to suit your tastes.

I’m very pleased that once again the recipe was great, with the finished product tasting amazing!

DSC02515The main cooking time is that of the pasta, which makes this a very quick meal, as well as an easy one.

I cooked this meal in a large dish which meant that we could have it for 2 consecutive days, and I am pleased that it tasted just as good on the second day.

The sauce certainly added to the meal and made it a lot creamier, so I would definitely use this mix again in the future.

Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe MixDSC02488

I never really used to like Spaghetti Carbonara and I think this was mainly due to some poorly made sauces that I’d had in restaurants in the past, so I was keen to try this mix to see if it created a thicker sauce and therefore, in my opinion, a tastier meal.

This was the first product in the range which I found may be more useful in servings of 2 rather than 4.

With the pasta bake it seemed ok to have a larger mix, as once made it could be heated through the next day, but with the spaghetti mixture, this didn’t feel as appropriate.

I chose to make up the entire mixture (mixing it with milk and adding some sweetcorn) and once blended and thickened I halved it and stored it in the fridge for the following day, to see if this method would work. I then added the remaining ingredients (bacon and onion – which I chose to add for extra flavour) to the mix, along with already cooked Glutafin spaghetti.

DSC02572I didn’t have any parmesan cheese at the time, so I topped it with some grated cheddar instead!

Once again the meal tasted great, as I have come to expect with Thornleys products, but I was keen to see if the following day’s meal was as successful using the refrigerated mixture.

I am very pleased to report that it was indeed just as good! The only difficulty was accurately halving the mixture once it had been heated through on day one, but it was either this or trying to half the dry mixture.

This method does however mean that the meal has to be consumed the following day. I don’t mind having the same meal on successive days, but some people may prefer to vary their meals throughout the week.

Once again, I was delighted with the meals produced using the Thornleys mixes and I look forward to trying the remaining mixes in the range (Creamy Chicken & Herb Sauce and Parsley Sauce). Once I have I’ll be sure to share my feedback with you!

To find out more about Thornleys, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@ThornleysGF).


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