JackPots Crisps

jackpots-mini-logoA few months ago I was fortunate to be sent a huge box of crisps from a brand, who I must admit at the time I hadn’t heard of before, called JackPots Crisps.

JackPots Crisps are made from ‘potatoes grown and handcooked on our family farm in East Anglia’ so are truly very British crisps, which is clearly shown through their packaging, as it all incorporates union jack flags.

Unfortunately JackPots Crisps’ website is not yet up and running, so here is a little more about the company taken from their packaging:

In a rather special part of this green and pleasant land, sits our farm, one largely given over to the potato. It is also home of JackPots, born of pride in everything that is great about British produce.

We grow and hand cook our potatoes on the family farm here in Essex, ensuring only the finest potatoes are used. But it’s not just our potatoes which make our crisps special, it’s our flavours too. We have chosen flavours which are truly British.

The flavours I received were Mature English Cheddar & Spring Onion, Sea Salt & Cyder Vinegar, Sweet Thai Chilli and Lightly Salted.box of crisps

The JackPots website also shows a Roast Beef & Horseradish flavour which I haven’t tried, but if we’re talking about great British flavours I would love to see a Roast Chicken flavour, perhaps more so than the Sweet Thai Chilli, as this doesn’t seem very British to me?!

I was sent two different sizes of these crisps, the 40g regular packets, but also the 150g larger packets which are perfect for sharing in front of a film :).

Having reviewed a few different brands of crisps lately, I am very pleased to report that these are definitely up there with the best!

The taste of these crisps is utterly amazing. They have a very fresh and crunchy texture which, as far as I’m concerned, is what makes a great crisp.

The flavours are equally as good. Cheese and onion crisps have always been my favourites and these have a very strong flavour which is great.

The chilli flavour ones were passed to my boyfriend to review due to my fear of the spice levels, but he too has thoroughly enjoyed them and we would definitely buy them again :).

DSC02567 DSC02568 DSC02569 IMAG1802

According to their website, JackPots are available from selected Tesco and ASDA stores, however I must admit that I haven’t seen them in my local stores as yet, but I will look a bit harder for them the next time I go!

As previously mentioned their website is shown as ‘coming soon’, so in the meantime if you wish to find out more about JackPots Crisps you can follow them on Twitter (@JackpotsCrisps), but their website will be www.jackpotscrisps.co.uk!

If you’ve tried any of these crisps I’d be interested in hearing your comments! Please leave a message below 🙂


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