Braw Fruit & Gluten Free Oat Bars

braw logoA few months ago I was sent a selection of goodies from Braw Food and I firstly must apologise as to how long it’s taken me to post this review! 😦

There are four flavours of fruit and gluten free oat bars and I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of each of them. The four flavours are: strawberry, blackcurrant, cocoa & orange and apple & pear. All lovely sounding flavour combinations I’m sure you’ll agree?!

Before we get onto my review, here’s a little bit of background information about Braw Food, taken from their website:

Braw is a health conscious food company based in Scotland. We create positive tasty foods that help people to snack guilt free anytime, anywhere.

Braw means ‘Healthy’, ‘Good looking’ and ‘Excellent’ in Scots. For us it captures a wholesome, hearty and vigorous attitude to life that you get when you exercise and eat healthily.

It’s getting harder to eat healthy whether you’re on the move or in need of an energy boost in between meals. When you eat better, you look good and feel excellent. That’s why we’ve created a healthy snack option that you can trust.

That’s because Braw bars are made with 100% natural ingredients and are bursting with fruit and wholegrain oats. Enjoy Braw bars as part of a healthy diet, providing 1 of your 5 a day and great slow release energy boosting you throughout the day.DSC02290

These products certainly sound great, but as well as being gluten, wheat and dairy free, there’s also no added sugar! Wow!

The first thing to mention about this brand is the packaging. Each flavour is instantly DSC02477recognisable with the unique colours and each bar also includes a cute little birdie! The design team definitely get 10/10 for these products :).

Each bar is packed with around 60% of fruit making them 1 of your 5 target portions of fruit and veg a day, all in one snack bar! This makes them perfect for lunch boxes and at less than 120 calories per bar, it would be difficult to find a healthier snack that would keep as full for as long as these do.

DSC02476My only negative about these products is the texture of the bars, as I feel that they taste quite ‘bitty’.

Personally I would prefer either something smoother or something rougher, but unfortunately the middle ground doesn’t really work for me :(.

Flavour wise these products are great as the fruit flavours really shine through in the bars. I think my personal favourite is probably the blackcurrant as it’s not a flavour that you would expect to find in this type of product.

As I will be away a lot soon, these bars will definitely come in very handy in my gluten free snack box!

If you would like to find out more about Braw Food and their fruit and gluten free oat bars, you can check out their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@BrawFood).

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