Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix

logoI was delighted to be offered the chance to review products from the new gluten free brand Thornleys. I hadn’t heard of them before I was contacted, but I’ve since discovered that there are three generations of coeliacs within the Thornleys family which always encourages me that the products will be great, because, as mentioned on their website, they ‘know and understand the difficulties and demands of satisfying a hunger for delicious, natural tasting food suitable for a coeliac to consume’.

Here’s a little bit more about Thornleys, taken from their website:

As a family, we have always eaten fresh and natural foods, a core principle of Thornleys and our range of sauces stay true to these values. It is our mission to provide the highest quality products which are 100% natural and delicious for all to eat; including those who must follow a gluten and wheat free diet and for those who prefer not to have chemicals, additives or preservatives in their food. We do this with passion! 

We presently have a range of five sauces, blended as if you had prepared them yourself using only the finest natural ingredients. Each product in our sauce range has been approved by the Coeliac Association and is made using only natural ingredients that are free from additives, preservatives, colours, MSG, gluten and wheat.

Delivered as a dry powder sauce and sealed in a high quality lightweight foil packet for ease of transit – our sauces only need a little attention from you to add the finishing touches. Take a Thornleys sauce with you to dinner, an evening with friends, on holiday, or just keep one in the cupboard to prepare for a scrumptious meal. Our sauces have a product shelf life of 24 months. 

Our sauces are for people who want an alternative to chemically enhanced sauces. They are simple to cook, providing the whole family with the means to a quick, easy and delicious meal. Most importantly, Thornleys products are made for everyone to enjoy! 

The five sauces in the range are: Tuna & Pasta Bake, Spaghetti Carbonara, Chilli Con Carne, Creamy Chicken and Herb Sauce, and Parsley Sauce and I was very excited to receive one of each of these mixes.


At present I’ve only tried one of the mixes, but it was so amazing that I didn’t feel that I could wait until I’d tried all of them to let you know about this range. I felt that everyone needed to know just how good these products are as soon as possible!

DSC02400The product I’ve already tried is the Chilli Con Carne mix, which may come as a surprise to my regular readers, as I have a very low spice threshold! Even my boyfriend was surprised when I told him what I was making for tea!

These sauces are ridiculously easy to make and all additional ingredients, including weights, are shown on the back of the packet, which make it even easier :).

I used the ingredients shown on the packet, which meant buying some minced beef, a tin of tomatoes and a tin of red kidney beans, and then followed the exact cooking instructions on the packet before serving with some rice.


I never expected to be able to tolerate the chilli, but I was really impressed that it was right on my limit for spiciness, so although I could feel the burning sensation, it didn’t last long!

My boyfriend even commented that he could taste the spice so he was surprised that I was coping with it!

Before tasting the meal, I’d said that if I wasn’t a fan we could freeze the rest and Rich could have it another night, but we both thought this meal was amazing so we had it again the following night :).

I am thrilled that this sauce mix has allowed me to broaden my culinary tastes, and when I replenish my stocks I may try experimenting by adding some extra vegetables to perfect the meal to our tastes.

As you can probably tell I love this product, so I have really high hopes for the remainder of the range and I will be sure to let you know once I’ve tried them ;).

Update: I have now reviewed the Tuna & Pasta Bake and Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe Mixes! The full review can be found here.

To find out more about Thornleys, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@ThornleysGF).


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