Really Truly Gluten Free – Luxury Gluten Free Gifts

logoIf you’ve ever had difficulty finding a special gift for a coeliac, then a new website launched today will be your new best friend!

Really Truly Gluten Free offers a hand-picked selection of some of the finest gluten free food available, bringing together a delicious selection of premium and award-winning gluten free foods. Each gift is individually hand-packed with your gift message for that personal touch and beautifully packaged to provide the perfect gift.

Here’s a little bit more background information about Really Truly Gluten Free, taken from their website:

The idea began when our founder’s close friend, who is coeliac, was having a tough time. It was New Year and she wanted to send a ‘New Year, New Start’ gift of something special, luxurious and delicious to eat. Being gluten free, many of the indulgences most of us take for granted were out of bounds but she wanted to send something equally enjoyable.

Unfortunately she couldn’t find what she wanted online. Either it wasn’t out there or if it was it wasn’t easy to find. That got her thinking, why wasn’t there something out there dedicated to providing these luxuries for those on a GF diet? It’s relatively easy to find naturally gluten free food items but in conversation with friends who are coeliac or who have a gluten intolerance, it’s the gorgeous cakes, biscuits or even a simple beer that they miss the most, so she set out on a mission to provide it.

Our aim at Really Truly Gluten Free is to find new, delicious and more artisan-type gluten free foods that are not easily available at a regular supermarket or on the High Street, and bring them together to provide gift ideas that look and taste fantastic. Using suppliers who share our passion to provide superior gluten free products, we are dedicated to ensuring that those on a gluten free diet don’t miss out on the good things in life, letting the recipient of our gifts know just how special they are! 

Equally important to us is that our gifts are beautifully packaged, but in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why each of our gifts is packaged in a strong, eco-friendly jute bag which can be used again and again.

Our Commitment

We are proud that our company name includes the statement ‘Gluten Free’ therefore all products we sell must be in line with the legislation around selling gluten free food. We have taken advice as needed from Coeliac UK to ensure that all of our products can be safely enjoyed by coeliacs and those with a gluten or wheat intolerance. All of our products are also tested by non-coeliacs to ensure taste is never compromised.

Our aim to become the most widely known and trusted website for gluten free gifts!

Food intolerances are widespread and often multiple therefore we plan to expand the ‘Really Truly’ brand in future to be able to provide more than just gluten free products.  People needn’t feel disappointed at having to give up certain foods when equally delicious alternatives are available, if you know where to look… this space!!!

Our Values

  • All our gifts are completely gluten free – safe for Coeliacs
  • We provide the best possible taste by using the best possible suppliers
  • We are passionate about providing ‘affordable’ luxury to those on a gluten free diet
  • We are committed to achieving a good work life balance for our staff and being a part of the community in which we operate
  • We are trusted to act with integrity in dealings with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

If you’ve read my previous blog posts you may recall that I was given a gift of a coeliac hamper for my birthday (from a different company) and had numerous problems with it, including some of the items not actually being gluten free, so to know that all hampers sold by this company are completely gluten free sounds great!

There are currently 14 different types of hamper available, some including alcohol, some sweet, some savoury and some gourmet, so there should be a hamper to suit most tastes :).

The website includes a really useful search function allowing you to search by hamper type, gender and price range, but I think you should look through all of them as they all have something great to offer!

Another thing that I love about this website is the variety of brands available in the hampers. I must admit that I’m quite taken with the Chocolate Lover’s Treat hamper, particularly as it includes a selection of products that I’ve never had before.

How great do these look….!

Chocolate-Lovers Chocolate-Lovers-2

These hampers are available to buy now, so what are you waiting for?! 🙂

To find out more about Really Truly Gluten Free you can check out their website (, follow them on Twitter (@ReallyTrulyGF) and like them on Facebook (

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