Phil Vickery Seriously Good! Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

Phil Vickery logoWhen I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease I regularly came across gluten free recipe books from TV chef Phil Vickery and quickly ascertained that he is also an ambassador for Coeliac UK, so he really does know his stuff!

After speaking to Phil on Twitter he offered to send me some of his gluten free mixes and I was delighted to receive 2 mixes in the post. One was the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix and the other was the Vanilla & Raspberry Cupcake Mix, but I haven’t got around to trying the second mix yet, so I will post an additional review of that once I’ve tried it out.

The mixes are manufactured by Squires Kitchen and here’s a little bit more about their partnership taken from Squires Kitchen’s website:

Squires Kitchen has teamed up with Phil Vickery, one of Britain’s favourite chefs, to help you create delicious gluten-free cookies and cupcakes time after time. A leading name in gluten-free cooking and baking, Phil Vickery has made it easier to bake for special diets with these fantastic gluten- and dairy-free cookie and cupcake mixes.

An active ambassador for Coeliac UK and the author of several gluten-free cookery books, Phil has used his wealth of experience to carefully formulate this delicious gluten- and dairy-free chocolate chunk cookie recipe. Just follow the simple recipe on the box to create cookies that are just as chewy and irresistible as traditional recipes.

DSC02325The first thing to note about this mix is how easy it is!

The back of the box includes details of the contents, what equipment you will need, tips on how to vary the product by adding some extra ingredients and the brilliant method section, detailing the step by step making, baking and storing process.

This particular mix contains a sachet of dry cookie mix with chocolate chunks, which only requires an egg and some vegetable oil to be added to it. I said it was easy!

I followed the step by step instructions and it all worked out DSC02326-1perfectly, until it came to leaving spaces between the cookies to allow them to expand on the baking tray. I have never seemed capable of following this instruction and once again I ended up with a massive cookie! Oops!

I sliced the giant cookie into more appropriate size pieces and as suggested on the packaging, tried one of them warm and it was, quite simply, gorgeous!


DSC02331The cookies are described on the packaging as chewy and irresistible and this is exactly how I would have described them! The texture is lovely and it’s nice to have a chewy cookie as an alternative to a crunchy one. I think this is particularly good considering these cookies are not only gluten free but they are dairy free too!

I froze a batch of the cookies to see how well they would freeze. Having had a couple of these other the past few weeks, I can confirm that they definitely do freeze well, making them perfect for a quick treat :).

Another suggestion on the packet is to microwave them ‘for a fresh-baked, soft-centre style cookie’ and I will definitely be trying this the next time I have one!

The Phil Vickery Seriously Good! Gluten Free range is available to buy from Squires Kitchen’s website ( and I’m excited to see some products in the range that I haven’t yet tried (the Double Chocolate Fancy Cake Mix and the Very Lemony Cupcake Mix), so I will definitely be ordering these!

If you’d like more information about Phil Vickery or Squires Kitchen, you can follow both of them on Twitter (@philvickerytv and @SquiresKitchen respectively).

I’d be interested in hearing from you if you’ve tried any of these mixes yourself. What did you think of them? Would you buy them again? Let me know by leaving a comment below! 🙂


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