Tesco Finest Belgian Triple Chocolate Cookies

untitledI was very pleased when I went to my local Tesco a few weeks ago and discovered that they now stock a range (albeit a limited range) of gluten free products, which is great for me as the store is only a 5 minute walk away! As well as stocking some of the known gluten free brands they also sell their own brand cookies which are advertised as wheat free and gluten free, so I thought I’d give them a go :).

There are a few varieties available but I thought I’d go for the Belgian Triple Chocolate flavour as they sounded delicious and the picture on the packet made them look very appealing.

DSC02403The cookies are described as being ‘packed with milk, plain and white chocolate chunks and dipped in smooth Belgian chocolate for extra richness’ and are made with gluten free oats and tapioca starch as well as the ingredients already mentioned. They certainly sound great, but do they live up to expectations?!

Well the answer to that is a massive yes!! These cookies are amazing and I’m gutted that I’ve only just come across them – I’ve been missing out for months!

They are so addictive that I had to give the rest of the packet to my boyfriend to finish, just so that I didn’t (this was after having 5 in a row….)!DSC02415

The cookies have a wonderful texture to them with the main biscuit being firm when bitten into, but without being too dry or crumbly like some other gluten free cookies I’ve tried. I think this is primarily due to the added bonus of the bottom layer of chocolate which holds the cookie together perfectly.

The chunks of chocolate running through the cookie are divine and top off a truly amazing product!

DSC02418I think it’s safe to say that I will be buying these cookies again, and I can’t wait to try the other flavours in the range :).

Well done Tesco!

Have you tried these cookies? What did you think? Let me know by posting a comment below 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tesco Finest Belgian Triple Chocolate Cookies

  1. I believe they’ve only just recently launched this Finest gluten free range – it certainly hasn’t been there until recently at my local super store with a whole aisle of Free From!

    I too was really pleased with them, unlike a lot of Free From products these seem to have had genuine care taken over taste and texture rather than just looks. (“It looks like a muffin but tastes like sawdust, to hell with it, ship it!” being the more usual mindset I think.)

    I tried these and the nut based cookies – I actually thought the nut ones were even better! Hope you keep finding them in stock!

    • Thanks for your comment, maybe I haven’t been missing out for that long then :). Will definitely try some of the others soon!

      And yes a good comment made about the mindset, unfortunately that certainly sounds familiar.

  2. I tried them a few weeks ago, they are definitely delicious! But to be honest the Co-op and Prewetts versions taste and look really similar. Maybe I should by a packet of each and taste test them…

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