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DSC01422A few months ago I was asked if I’d like to sample some of the gluten free products sold by Deli Divine. I’d heard of the company on Twitter, but I didn’t know too much about them so I did a bit of research.

I was pleased to discover that the founder of the company (Debra Lendrum) is also a coeliac which assured me that she really understands the gluten free market, and knows what her customers want.

Here is a little bit more about Deli Divine and Debra Lendrum, taken from their website:

I set up Deli Divine because I am passionate about food. Everyone can enjoy Deli Divine’s delights because they taste so good and many of the products are very proud to have won Gold Stars in the Great Taste awards a true sign of quality.

As a coeliac of 20 years I know how hard it is to find great tasting gluten free food and so having searched long and hard, I have brought some of your favourite brands and some new discoveries together in one place to save you time, effort and money. I do not believe that just because you can’t eat gluten you should have to sacrifice taste or quality and miss out on a whole stack of goodies – they are just a little bit harder to find! All the gluten free foods here have been taste tested by the gluten eating hubby to ensure that they are full of flavour and not free from taste. Free From should not mean free from choice or taste!

I was delighted to receive a box full of DSC01423goodies from Deli Divine to review and as you will see from the photo on the right, it was jam packed with gluten free treats!

The box included four products from Baked to Taste, and having previously reviewed their Devon Steak & Potato Pasty, I knew these would be great! Please click here if you’d like to read my original review.

The Baked to Taste products I received this time were: a Cheese & Onion Pasty, a Bramley Apple Pie, a Caramelised Red Onion & Goat’s Cheese Tart and a Butternut Squash and Cannellini Pie – wow!

In addition, I received a Lifestyle Cuisine Luxury Fish Pie, a Hotch Potch Rudolph’s Surprise egg and a Glamour Puds Passionfruit Chiffon Pie.

That is a lot of goodies to get through, hence the delay in getting round to writing my review and I haven’t yet tried the Cheese & Onion pasty, so I will post an update to this review once I’ve had the final product! – The review for this can now be found here!

DSC01424Lifestyle Cuisine – Luxury Fish Pie

Unfortunately at the time that I received my goody box, we were in the middle of a heatwave. This meant that on opening the box there was an overwhelming smell of fish and it also looked like it may have leaked…..

As a result this had to be thrown away as I’m always anxious with fish products but being that hot, it wasn’t worth the risk of trying it :(.

The product is described as a ‘creamy fish pie with cod, smoked haddock, salmon and prawns, topped with a delicious celeriac, leek and potato mash’. I don’t actually like prawns so I’m not sure if I would have tried this product myself anyway. A fish pie with just the fish element would have been more suited to my tastes.

To find out more about Lifestyle Cuisine, you can visit their website:

Glamour Puds – Passionfruit Chiffon PieDSC01429

This product has already been reviewed on my blog after coming across them at The Allergy & Free From Show earlier this year. You can read my original review here.

If you’ve read my original review you will know that my original chiffon pie spending a lot of time in the car on a hot day, resulting in it collapsing when I opened it, so I was pleased to be able to try it again thanks to Deli Divine!

IMAG1706This one certainly looked a lot better and was a lot more stable when I opened it. As a result it actually looked like it did on the front of the packaging :).

It tasted just as good as the first one I tried if not better. The extra stability certainly improved the texture of the filling and it was scrumptious!

To find out more about Glamour Puds, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@gfglamourpuds).

Hotch Potch Eggs – Rudolph’s SurpriseDSC01457

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of Hotch Potch Eggs when I received this product, but now I need to know more! This product was amazing :).

I never thought that I would be able to have scotch egg type products again so this was great, a scotch egg with a twist.

This particular one included cranberries, onions and cinnamon, not a combination you’d think to put together but it really worked.

It smelt like it was going to be spicy but it was actually a really nice flavour with a lovely texture from the sesame seeds on the outside through to the egg in the middle. Yummy!


The edge was a nice thickness and overall the product was a good size. I definitely want to try more of the Hotch Potch range :).

To find out more about Hotch Potch eggs, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@HotchPotchEggs).

DSC01427Baked to Taste – Caramelised Red Onion & Goat’s Cheese Tart

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve previously tried Baked to Taste’s Devon Steak & Potato Pasty and loved it, so I had high hopes for the rest of their range.

This tart particularly stood out for me as I love red onion and goat’s cheese, and I was right in thinking it would be great!

Described as ‘red onions slow roasted until caramelised, mixed with a Goat’s cheese and crème fraiche filling in a crisp short crust pastry’, what’s not to like?!

Once cooked the tart’s pastry was very crispy and this combined with the crispy cheese topping was lovely. The tart smelt divine and had big chunks of onion and goat’s cheese throughout.


This really is one of my favourite gluten free products of all time :).

DSC01430Baked to Taste – Butternut Squash and Cannellini Pie

I was excited about trying this product, until I read the other ingredients that were included… mushrooms :(.

This product was described as ‘a delicious blend of creamy cannellini beans and mushrooms topped with roasted butternut squash and thyme’.

Unfortunately I really don’t like mushrooms, so this product was given to my boyfriend to review instead as he loves them.

The cooking instructions on this product were very unclear compared to the other products as they all included directions from fresh and from frozen, but this one only had one set of instructions and didn’t specify if this was from fresh or frozen.DSC01525

As a result it was a bit of a guessing game and the pastry actually collapsed during cooking.

Feedback was still positive though and Rich said that the crispy pastry worked well with the beans and mushrooms and the potato seemed to have cooked better due to it being at the top of the open pie.

He commented that the flavour combinations worked well together in a mouthful and overall it was very tasty. The final, and very important, comment that he made was that he didn’t notice that it was either gluten free or vegetarian and would definitely eat it again! Praise indeed :).

DSC02332Baked to Taste – Bramley Apple Pie

The Bramley Apple Pie once again it lived up to the high expectations I have for Baked to Taste products!

The sweet pastry was a nice thickness and cooked perfectly. It was lovely to slice into it and for apples to ooze out from the centre.

Although the pastry did slightly fall apart in cooking, the filling didn’t escape as it was a nice stable filling, rather than being too watery.

The apple pie was topped off perfectly with some custard and was the epitome of indulgence! Well done Baked to Taste :).




To find out more about Baked to Taste, you can visit their website ( or their Facebook page (


I am really pleased that Deli Divine has brought together such a wide range of gluten free products under one roof and I will definitely be purchasing some more items in the future.

If you’re lucky enough to live locally to Netley Abbey, near Southampton, you can even pop in to Deli Divine’s store and stock up on goodies!

For more information on Deli Divine, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@DeliDivine).

Have you tried any of these products? Have you purchased any items from Deli Divine? Do you have any feedback? Let me know! Please leave a comment below :).

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