Swedish Gluten Free Snacks

This post is a continuation of my main post about my trip to Sweden, which can be found here.

If you haven’t read my Gluten Free Sweden blog post, you may not be aware of the amount or variety of gluten free products which are stocked in Swedish supermarkets. There are massive displays of both frozen foods and snacks and I really didn’t know where to begin as I was in my element!

DSC01633 DSC01634 DSC01635 DSC01636 DSC01637

Due to being on holiday, it was difficult to buy frozen produce as I had no way of keeping the product frozen. This was a shame as I would have love to have tried some Almondy and Frödinge goodies as they looked amazing!

DSC01817I was however able to buy some frozen Fria cinnamon rolls as they needed to be defrosted before eating. This worked out very well as I was able to have my first one the following day. I even managed to make them last for the duration of my trip and they turned out to be a very handy snack option!

From the huge array of gluten free snacks available, I finally chose two products to try, but it really was a difficult choice as I could have quite easily spent a fortune – they all looked great! In the end I settled on Crazy Bakers of Sweden Glutenfria Vanillas and Semper Cookie-Os.

Since returning from Sweden these products have both been opened and I’m massively regretting not buying more of them whilst I was away, as I absolutely love both products!

DSC02262Glutenfria Vanillas

Not only are these vanilla biscuits gluten free, but they are also lactose free along with all of the products in the Crazy Bakers range!

The picture on the front of these biscuits was the selling point for me as they looked great, and I was very pleased that the biscuits look exactly as advertised and taste amazing.

The brand packaging is very colourful and instantly recognisable, I just wish I could get them in my local supermarket as they are without doubt some of the nicest gluten free biscuits I’ve tasted. I can also guarantee that you would not be able to notice the difference between these and gluten containing biscuits!

They have a wonderful texture as they have a really good crunch. The strength of the vanilla element is just right as it is not overpowering, but there is enough to recognise the flavouring.


To find out more about Crazy Bakers of Sweden and their other products you can visit their website (http://se.crazybakers.se/), although you may need the services of Google Translate…..


The only way to describe these biscuits is ‘gluten free Oreos’, although the official description is ‘cocoa-flavoured sandwich biscuit’.

I never used to eat Oreos that much, but these are really scrumptious alternatives!

The biscuit element is really chocolatey, but when you bite into them, they are very crumbly. They’re definitely biscuits that need to come with a plate, as even the gorgeous cream filling can’t hold them together that well!DSC02296 DSC02298

I really wish I had stocked up on these as I haven’t seen any Oreo type biscuits in any of my local supermarkets. It’s a shame that I can’t get more of these as they are perfect for lunchboxes, with each box containing 5 packs of two biscuits! 🙂

To find out more about Semper and their gluten free products, you can visit their website (http://semperglutenfritt.se/), but again you may require Google Translate.

Both of these products are amazing and I’m very envious of the amount of gluten free options available in Sweden. I only wish the UK could follow suit, as it would make living a gluten free life so much easier.


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