Celtic Chocolates Caramel Choices, Dairy Free Confectionery

DSC02301When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease a friend of mine who has a wheat intolerance gave me some Choices chocolates to try. They weren’t to her taste so rather than throwing them away she thought I may like to try them.

Choices dairy free confectionery is made by Celtic Chocolates in Ireland and is described as ‘a delicious alternative to milk chocolate’.

Founded in 1990, Celtic Chocolates initially specialised in the manufacture of gourmet after dinner chocolates, boxed chocolate and easter eggs, winning many Great Taste Awards for its milk and dark chocolate mint crisps. It continues to make this range which has grown to include No Added Sugar options – all sold under the Celtic brand.

Over the last 5 years Celtic Chocolates has evolved into a significant supplier of Freefrom chocolate products to the mainstream grocery retail sector in Ireland and the United Kingdom. These products can be found in major multiple retail grocery and health food chains under Celtic, Choices and retailers Own Label brands.

The factory at Summerhill is totally free from ingredients & raw material containing gluten, wheat and egg and there are no nuts in our ingredients/raw material or allowed onto the premises for personal consumption.

We continue to manufacture our gourmet milk chocolate products in both conventional and No Added Sugar versions and have a robust control system in place against cross contamination of our freefrom products.

We are particularly proud of our freefrom range which brings the delights of chocolate and cocoa based confectionery to significant groups of people who suffer from food allergies and intolerance, in addition to people who have decided to reduce or limit their consumption of wheat,gluten, milk and egg for dietary or lifestyle considerations.

I’d never heard of Celtic Chocolates before and as they are dairy free, wheat free, gluten free and egg free, I was concerned that they would not be on a par with standard chocolate as I assumed that they would be missing lots of vital ingredients.

Oh how wrong I was, I really like them! I can only comment on the caramel flavoured chocolates as these are the only ones I’ve tried so far, but they are gorgeous!

There are twelve chocolates in a pack and each one is individually wrapped in gold foil, which makes them seem very sophisticated :).

You may expect the caramel to be very soft and runny, but the filling is actually a thicker caramel that you can bite into. I think this is great as it means that you get some caramel in every bite, whereas runny caramel may leave behind a chocolate shell.DSC02302DSC02303DSC02304

I always struggle with choosing chocolate bars as it is not always clear which ones are gluten free and which aren’t, even amongst the main stream brands, but I would not hesitate to buy these and have them as my store cupboard essential :).

As a result of writing this review, I’ve looked on Celtic Chocolates website and realised that they actually have a really big free from range. I’m certainly interested in their after dinner collections, although it’s unclear as to whether these are part of the free from range or not – hopefully they are!

Have you tried any other Celtic Chocolates free from products? If you have I’d love to hear your thoughts – please comment below 🙂

To find out more about Celtic Chocolates you can visit their website (www.celticchocolates.eu).


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