I’ve never really been a fan of lager myself, I’m more of a cider girl, but my boyfriend tried a sample of CELIA Lager at The Allergy & Free From Show and was impressed, which is great considering that it’s gluten free!

As a cider or spirits drinker, I’m quite fortunate that most of the drinks I like are naturally gluten free, but I’m aware that it’s difficult to find gluten free lager, so to have a company such as CELIA to fill the gap is great.

Here’s a little bit more information about CELIA:

100% Craft Lager
CELIA is made from the exact same ingredients as classic Czech pilsners – and virtually every beer ever brewed: water, malted barley and hops

100% Gluten Free
CELIA contains less than 0.5 mg/100 ml (>5 PPM) of gluten creating a beautifully light lager that packs the punch of a world class Czech lager

100% Natural Ingredients
CELIA is brewed with 100% locally grown Saaz hops and Moldavian Malt both perfectly suited to grow in the region’s rich red soil & beautifully complemented with water from the foothills of Žatec town

100% Natural Carbonation
CELIA uses traditional open fermentation making it the only pilsner in the world with the benefit of being gluten-free with all natural carbonation. Forget that bloated beer feeling!

100% Great Taste
CELIA complements fine food thanks to its unique use of 100% Saaz hops famous for their spicy, clean bitterness combined with a beautiful golden colour & pleasant malty aroma

IMAG0118A few months after The Allergy & Free From Show, CELIA sent me a couple of bottles of their lager, in the slight hope that I’d be converted, but if I wasn’t I knew my boyfriend would drink it.

Unfortunately I have to confirm that I couldn’t be converted, I’m just clearly never going to be a fan of lager :(. As a result, I asked my boyfriend to review the product on my behalf!

Here are his comments about CELIA Lager:

  • it’s quite amazing that it can be brewed gluten free
  • light coloured, smooth and sweet and as a result tastes like a ‘regular’ Czech lager
  • although I would normally drink ales by choice, I would drink this alongside any ‘regular’ lager

Although it’s a short review, I think it’s clear from the positive comments that CELIA proved popular with my boyfriend!

My additional comment would be that the branding of the product is very similar to normal lagers which I think is great, as you wouldn’t necessarily want it to be obvious that you’re having to by a different type of lager.

CELIA seems to be very popular with the gluten free community judging by some of the comments I’ve read on social networking sites, but in addition to this, it’s also been winning awards including the Free From Food Award 2013 for best gluten free beer!

If you would like to find out more about CELIA Lager, including where to buy it, you can visit their website (www.celialager.co.uk) and you can also follow them on Twitter (@CELIAlager).

Have you tried CELIA Lager? What did you think? Would you recommend it?


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