Southville Deli, Bristol

headerSoon after leaving my old job, Southville Deli opened a new store in Redfield very near to where I used to work. I’d heard that they sold gluten free goodies so I was disappointed that I didn’t work nearby anymore, as this could have been a convenient place to visit on my lunch break!

Southville Deli offer a range of organic and wholefoods, Herbert’s Bakery breads, pastries and specialities, as well as their range of gluten free, wheat free, vegetarian and vegan products, and their award winning local cheeses, olives and cold meats.

DSC01440A few weeks ago I met a friend for tea and we had to pass the shop on the way back to the car. Obviously I couldn’t resist popping in!

I’d heard of the company before as I was aware of their main store in Bedminster, but having one a lot nearer looks like it could prove very handy, as they sell a lot of great things.

I found a few products that I’d already reviewed for my blog so I stocked up on these, but I also came across a few new products that I fancied trying.

DSC01344Easy Bean – Spanish Puchero

I first had one of these one pot meals a couple of months ago and loved it, so I decided to buy another one! I’ve already reviewed this product, but if you haven’t read my review yet, you can find it here.

Easy Bean are a ’small, innovative company determined to give beans the culinary status they deserve. We believe in creating food that’s as delicious as it is healthy; and that eating a balanced diet of wholesome all natural food makes perfect sense’.

‘Inspired by the bean and one-pot recipes from around the world, we have created a range of healthy and versatile recipes. Enjoy on-the-go or serve up as a tasty supper…oh, and don’t forget to reuse or recycle that pot!’

DSC01460Clive’s Cheese & Potato Pie

As I’m still having difficulty locating local gluten free pasty producers, a gluten free pie seemed to be the next best thing.

I’d heard some great things about the brand through the social media sites, so I thought I should try one out for myself :).

Here’s some more information about Clive’s Pies, taken from their website:

Clive’s is the home of truly tasty organic “free from” foods – we make veggie pies in a wholemeal pastry, pasties in a lovely crisp shortcrust pastry, gluten free pies and cakes which taste amazing, and wholesome ready meals, made with lots of exciting fresh vegetables.

Everything we do is vegetarian (free from meat), free from all artificial flavours and preservatives and free from yeast. The majority of our products are now gluten free and nearly all are dairy and lactose free.  Where we do use dairy – fresh organic mature cheddar in our cheese pie fillings; or eggs – fresh organic free range eggs in our luxury cakes, we insist in using Soil Association accredited suppliers to ensure the absolute best possible standards of animal welfare.

My main concern with this product being stocked in Southville Deli was that the gluten free pies were stocked alongside the non gluten free pies and as the packaging was very similar, this could pose a problem if you inadvertently picked up the wrong one!

With regard to the actual product it was amazing, although it did have a few structural issues! As soon as I opened the packet the top came off the pie, but once cooked the pastry completely fell apart, as you can see from the following photos.

DSC01462 DSC01466

Aside from this though, the pastry tasted lovely with a good texture and thickness. The filling of the pie wasn’t as cheesy as I would have liked, but the addition of rosemary was lovely. Unfortunately due to the pastry issue it did feel like the filling was a separate entity, but overall it did taste like a ‘normal’ pie and I will definitely be buying these again! 🙂

To find out more about Clive’s Pies including details of stockists, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@clivespies).

Mini Moos Original Organic BarDSC02274

I almost didn’t buy this product, purely because of its cost! This tiny, and thin, chocolate bar was 79p, which I consider to be very steep in comparison to other products available. Having said that I felt it deserved a try.

This particular product is gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, wheat free, egg free, casein free as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Wow, this product covers a lot of intolerances!

My boyfriend commented that the chocolate reminded him of Milka, but the product reminds me of the old style Nestle ‘Animal’ bars due to its thickness, but unfortunately I’m not as keen on this product’s taste. My personal opinion is that it needs an additional flavour such as mint or orange, as the plain taste is just too boring for me :(.

I’d be keen to try their other flavours to see if I prefer these, as I suspect that I would.

To find out more about Mini Moos including details of stockists, you can visit their website (

DSC02264Kent & Fraser Lemon Butter Shortbread

I first reviewed some Kent & Fraser Choc Chip Cookies in the early days of my blog (you can read the review here), but Southville Deli stocked an item I hadn’t tried yet, their Lemon Butter Shortbread.

I adore shortbread, so finding a gluten free version is great. They even came to Sweden with me in case I had difficulty finding gluten free snacks abroad, but they ended up coming back with me, hence the slightly squished box in the photo!

Once back at home I finally got round to eating them and I was very pleased with how good this product tasted.

The shortbread has the classic crumbly texture but it is also firm when biting into it. The lemon taste is very subtle, but possibly too subtle for some tastes.

The product has previously won a Great Taste Gold Award and I can see why! I will definitely be buying this product again in the near future :).

To find out more about Kent & Fraser including details of stockists, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@KentandFraser).

I hope the above reviews give an indication as to the type of products available from Southville Deli and I hope you are able to pop in and have a look for yourselves.

For more information about Southville Deli you can visit their website ( or their Facebook page (

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