Teatergränd Restaurang & Lounge, Vänersborg, Sweden

This post is a continuation of my main post about my trip to Sweden, which can be found here.

DSC01881Upon our arrival in Vänersborg, we went straight out to meet our friends and to get some food.

Our friends were already at the Teatergränd Restaurang & Lounge, so we looked to see what gluten free options were available. Fortunately I had my GlutenFree Passport translation card with me as it was difficult to know whether the staff understood exactly what I was asking (http://glutenfreepassport.com/allergy-gluten-free-travel/gf-translation-cards).

The staff asked the kitchen about gluten free options and I was advised that there was one option on the menu that I could have and that was the salmon meal, at a cost of 158.00 SEK (approx. £15.80). As it was almost 10pm and we weren’t sure what other options there would be, we opted to eat at this restaurant. I ordered the salmon along with a lemonade at a cost of 25.00 SEK (approx. £2.50).

My boyfriend ordered a burger with cheese and bacon which cost 140.00 SEK (approx. £14.00) and a bottle of Sol which cost 52.00 SEK which equates to £5.20. We’d already been warned that alcohol was expensive in Sweden and it really was!

When my meal arrived it looked lovely, but I did have to pick out the mushrooms, as I’m not a fan of these.


As you can see from the picture above, the salmon was served with some lovely potatoes along with some vegetables, including onions, courgette, radish and rather bizarrely, cauliflower!

I was very pleased with this meal, and my first introduction to Swedish food, however the meal was quite greasy, as you can see from the photograph below which I took once I’d finished.


For more information about this restaurant you can visit their website, but please note that it is all in Swedish (www.teatergrand.se).

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