Restaurang KopparGrillen, Vänersborg, Sweden

This post is a continuation of my main post about my trip to Sweden, which can be found here.

On our final night in Vänersborg we visited the Restaurang KopparGrillen which was located on the riverside and a few minutes walk from our hotel.

We were unsure as to what type of food was on the menu until we went in and asked as there was no indication outside, but once we found out it was a grill, we decided it would be a good choice, as there would certainly be options for me.

I opted for the pork chop which came with french beans, parsley butter, sauce and french fries. The waitress then informed me that they couldn’t guarantee that the fries weren’t clear of cross contamination so I was offered potatoes instead. I was really pleased that this was pointed out, as they could have quite easily let me eat them.


The meal was lovely and the portion size was very big, but unfortunately it tasted like the carrots had just come out of a tin!

This meal cost 123.00 SEK (approx. £12.30) which felt reasonable for its size.

For more information about this restaurant you can visit their website, but please note that it is all in Swedish (


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