Restaurang Gamle Port, Gothenburg, Sweden

This post is a continuation of my main post about my trip to Sweden, which can be found here.

On our first night in Gothenburg we ate at a restaurant which was near to our hotel, called the Restaurang Gamle Port.


The restaurant was a barbecue buffet which offered a choice of meats and a buffet of vegetables and sides for you to help yourself to. I did have initial concerns in this restaurant about the understanding of my dietary requirements and this is despite the waiter speaking English! As a result, I was very cautious particularly when helping myself to the buffet. I was however informed that I could have the fries, so I certainly did as I haven’t had any for ages!

My meat of choice was again pork and once I’d got some items from the buffet, my meal looked great. I was also very relieved that it tasted lovely too!


This meal cost 169.00 SEK (approx. £16.90), plus I had a glass of Sprite which cost 42.00 SEK (approx. £4.20). Again, the alcohol options proved costly with a glass of house red costing 60.00 SEK (approx. £6.00) and a beer costing 58.00 SEK (approx. £5.80).

For more information about this restaurant you can visit their website, but please note that it is all in Swedish (


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