FFfood! Swap – Saturday 31st August, 2pm – 4pm, Nailsworth

fffood-2I recently came across FFfood! on Twitter after seeing that they were arranging a FFfood! Swap for the end of this month and I contacted them to find out more about the event.

To my delight, gluten free living will be referenced at the event and it turns out that there’s even a gluten free cooking demo! I definitely think that’s worth checking out :).

Here’s a little bit more about FFfood! and why they are organising this event, taken from their press release:

FFfood! was established by Domonic White after having several anaphylactic reactions and tests revealing he is allergic to nuts, wheat & soya. At the time he found it very difficult to source food safely with confidence, and through a documentary he started to make about the condition he met some incredible people who were struggling with similar challenges with regards to sourcing food safely, battling to understand food labelling, and dealing with unexpected prejudices and stereotypes.

As he began to educate himself about ‘alternative foods’ Domonic realised he’d actually expanded his options and discovered an approach to eating and ethos on life which made him happy. As Domonic chatted to more and more people about food and the challenges many face with conditions such as diabetes, coeliac disease, severe food allergies, intolerances, IBS etc it was very apparent that many share these core values and aspirations regarding food and how it is sourced:

  • ~ Ethically grown
  • ~ Sustainable Sources
  • ~ Natural
  • ~ Local
  • ~ Nourishing
  • ~ Safe
  • ~ Satisfying
  • ~ TASTY…

FFfood! was created to try to help anyone with ~any~ kind of dietary requirement or preference to source good quality, tasty food, safely for themselves, anytime, anywhere without being made to feel excluded. It’s about ‘food for all’.

Domonic says “We’re not expert dieticians, professional food technicians, or even chefs – we’re just normal, down to earth people who are passionate about eating good food ourselves, sharing information and knowledge as we come by it, and encouraging all around us to be able to really enjoy food whilst minimising waste”.

fffoodswap_poster_v1As a result of the above, an avid bunch of foodies from Gloucestershire are hosting a community ‘FFfood! Swap’ on Saturday 31st August from 2pm – 4pm at the Subscription Rooms, Nailsworth.

Throughout history food has been swapped and traded yet in our busy lifestyles sharing over the garden fence seems to have dwindled and reliance on fast and convenience foods has grown.

The aim of the swap is to bring like-minded people together, reduce waste and save people money. With the origin of our food being questioned in the press lately, people are more keen than ever to know where their food actually comes from, so, what better way than to meet with the growers and producers face to face over a cup of tea and a cake down at the local village hall.

Domonic said, “We wanted to hold the event at a time when there is real glut of food, people harvesting from their allotments and baking for their children during the summer holidays”. Domonic continues, “We are hoping it will be a fun, social event that brings the community together, creates a buzz around home produce and that it becomes a regular event in everyone’s calendar”.

The swap encourages people to trade home-made, home-grown, and seasonal produce with each other. From jam and chutney to biscuits and bread, all is welcome. We’re even encouraging the swapping of old cookery books, secret family recipes and/or cooking utensils, so that everyone has a chance to join in the fun.

Swappers will have the option to put their wares out on a display table or simply mingle with other swappers as they walk around.

In addition to the swap we will have a small number of commercial stalls where we hope to showcase some local food and drink suppliers who share the same ethos as FFfood!

The ‘FFfood!’ team also have a keen interest in special dietary requirements and conditions. Within the team are members who cater for complex and challenging conditions including Anaphylaxis and Type 1 Diabetes. ‘FFfood!’ are passionate about anything that increases awareness of these conditions and helps people to source food that’s appropriate for their own dietary requirements whilst still being delicious.

If you would like to attend the ‘FFfood! Swap’ or would like further information on swapping please contact the team on:

Email  FFfoodSwap@suscito.co.uk Web page  www.FFfood.co.uk Facebook  www.facebook.com/FFfood Twitter @fffood_

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